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A nightmare story.

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Dad had lunch with an old friend recently.  Friends eldest is in a protracted divorce situation with two young kids.  His STBXW cleaned out their home, took the kids, and left for another city  a couple of hours away to shack up with her sleezeball BF.  She got knocked up with and has delivered sleeze ball's twins, has invested countless $thousands in body art work of varous types., and is dragging out the end of the marriage.

Dad''s friend has financed the son's side of the divorce including buying the STBXW out of their home so the GKs will have the home they have known their whole short lives.

So, mediation was had and a settlement agreed to.  STBXW as to meet with the son's attorney at the attorney's office to sign the divorce papers at which time the $6figure cashiers check would be dilevered to her.

The check was on the conference table, the lawyer gave her the check before she signed, she got up and left without signing.

Dad's friend has bailed his idiot son out with similar results for decades and now... may be out $6figures with little ot no recourse and .... his GKs are still with artwork sleeze ball's breeding mommy and ... no divorce for his idiot son.

I was beyond words when I talked with dad this AM.  Which is higly uncharacteristic for me.  Suprising as I know that may be.




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He is the one who messed up. Now he can fix it. That's what I'd tell the friend to tell his son. That man should not pay one additonal fee regardless of how much work said attorney has to put into getting that document signed. 

Or, should have put a 'stop pay" on the check immediately. SMH

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yeah, nope. Dont even let that check go through and if it has, well the lawyer should have some kind of liability here...

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I'm curious whether this would have been considered criminal action on her part.. she stole the money if she did not fulfilll the terms of their mediation (was it binding mediation?).

I would be really curious to find out how this all went from the lawyer.. 

The contract to pay the money would be voided if she took the money but didn't give the consideration of signing the paperwork.

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What the heck?  My exH bought me out and that check was protected and out of reach until I had signed EVERYTHING. The lawyer handing me that check was the LAST action in that office, other than me picking up my bag and leaving. That is 100% on the law office!  Wow.