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Not on my walls

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DH called and told me that he was picking up paint for a job he is working on and saw chalkboard paint and thought that I might like some to paint on one of the kitchen walls. I told him that would be a cool idea. We could paint a little section for notes or a grocery list or whatever. Then he said, "And Thunderfoot could draw some of her artwork on it." No she can't. First off, that means she would be hanging out in the kitchen with me while she is drawing her "artwork" (AKA cartoons) and secondly, I don't want to have to look at that shit all the time. I hate her ridiculous cartoons drawings. I told him she could put some of that paint in her room if she needed to draw on the walls.


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Why do these DH's always want to ruin every good idea by interjecting Princess into it? Gag :sick:

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I would rather just have a dry erase board myself. And Thunderfoot is too damn old to be drawing on the damn walls anyway!

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Why cant you have anything of your own? Why does she have to use your kitchen space for her artwork? So stupid. Like everything has to revolve around her.

Agree with Sally though- sounds like its a plan in the butt to paint over.

If you like the chalkboard idea, maybe buy a piece of wood or something and paint that in the chalkboard paint and then hang that on the wall. I'm sure there are TONS of ideas on Pintrest.

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Thanks for telling me that. I don't need chalkboard paint and if it's that hard to cover...Not a chance in hell!

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I don't know why he wants to push her in my damn face all the time. I don't want to be around her anymore than I have to. I am counting down the days until school starts again. Not soon enough!

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whiteboard paint?

that would be freaking AWESOME to paint an entire sheet of plywood or two and keep in the basement!!!!!
i am totally taking this idea and running with it.

danke, sassy - muchos thankyous!!

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HAHAHAHA! That is hilarious! She doesn't have friends so I wouldn't have to worry about that.

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Yup EVERYTHING has to be about Skids. We had a Skids free weekend this past weekend. I planned a trip to Target to get a few new clothes for my work trip next week.

Before we even left the house SO is talking about buying SD clothes asking me if he should buy her clothes. I told him he should wait until she is with him and can try stuff on. I have to buy her adult size 8-10 but capri style. She's a heavy short kid.

Then he asked me about it again in the store. I told him I was shopping for me go on your own and buy for SD. I hate I can't have ONE shopping trip without it being about Skids.

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I hate that he thinks he has to mention her all the time. Like I might forget she exists. She is coming over tonight to see the house. She hasn't seen it yet but we don't have internet or TV hooked up so she didn't want to come until we do. She's been staying with her gparents and it has been FANTASTIC! He wanted her to come spend the night and set her room up tomorrow but we both have to work and I don't feel comfortable with her there with no way to get in touch with anyone. He thought that I was going to be there to "watch" her. Nope...I have to work. She can come when HE is there.

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He wants sooo badly for me to like her but I don't think that he understands he is making me dislike her even more. She is just NOT a likable person! I get that he likes her...that's his kid. But why do I have to like her? As long as I don't try to kill her while she is in my presence...that should be enough. And I don't know why in the world he thinks I want to look at her shitty drawings all the time. She draws childish cartoon crap. I don't want that all over my walls. Her gma hangs her pictures on her fridge. That is just ridiculous! I am not hanging a 16 year olds drawings of Sonic the Hedgehog anywhere in my house.

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When I read your post about your SD, I picture a girl 8-11yrs old maybe. Then I remember, oh yeah she's a lot older than that (I was thinking 17)

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Ninji that's exactly what I was thinking. I'm just now finding out the SD is 16. I pictured a 10 year old girl.
I understand not liking an SD. My SD18 rubs me wrong in every direction. It all started when I established dominance in the house and she was not the 'wife' anymore. It took a long time and her moving away for us to be ok with each other. Her moving away with her mother is the best thing that could have happened.

I have a story about a shit brown paining she made that created WW3 at our house. She made a list of several items that contributed to her decision to move out and one of them was a shit brown painting she made her dad. I 'placed' the drawing in a cabinet that isn't used very often because I didn't want that thing on my walls. SD insisted that DH hang it in our bedroom or in the living room. I wasn't having it!
So in her letter she said she knew I hid it and she was disappointed that her dad took my side and didn't hang the painting. She was 16 at the time...
That painting got 'lost' the last time we moved. Seriously, it was brown lines and a blue balloon. It looked like a balloon floating in a river of manure.

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You would think she was 10 and if she was, I might hang her drawings up but NOT a 16 year olds. If it were what I actually think is art...I might but it's just cartoons over and over.

She doesn't like me because she has always been able to get away with doing NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING! I am not having that at my house. DH and I both work. I have 2 jobs actually. She is not going to sit on her ass all day, eating and watching TV and wreck the house. She just doesn't seem to grasp that concept. AND since she has never had to do anything before, she thinks I am just being a bitch and that I don't like her.

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She can decorate her room however she wants. If that stuff is a super pain in the butt to cover, I don't think it's such a good idea though. She has sketch pads...she can draw in those. Although I won't be hanging any of her drawings on the fridge!

I don't really like anyone in the kitchen when I am in puppy included but he thinks he should be laying on the mat right at my feet.