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A meme that made me chuckle.

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 I think we can conclude that the "time out" generation did not create as good of citizens as the "ass beating" generations.



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Fun fact, the only time I ever got a beating was when a relative of mine decided to color all over my my freshly-painted bedroom walls. Afterwards my dad threw out my crayons as well. I cried. Then it was discovered said relative was actually the one who committed the crime (We were both young, me too young to articulate and defend myself and my relative too young to figure out how to uphold a convincing lie.) I don't remember the incident but I've been told about it.

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Lol.  Many of us have had a similar experience.

My niece did the same on the wall of our son's room.   He was mortified and came to ask us to come to his room where we found my niece going all artsy on the wall.

He would not tell us what was going on and demanded that we follow him. He did not want to tell on his 18mos younger cousin.  She was about 3, he was about 4.5.

I too got a swatting for something my little brother had done.  We all laugh about it when it comes up during family gathering story telling time.

I can count on far less than 2 hands the number of spankings I got, or my brother got, or our son got.

The option of effective consequences I have found works wonders in limiting the need to use corporal punishment while not making a clearly communicated option tends to increase the demand for it as driven by poor behavioral choices by kids.