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CS Review Update

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About a month ago, we received the recommendation for our CS review. DH's support obligation went down by $125 after discovering that BM is making almost double what DH makes, plus DD was a factor and BM no longer utilizes childcare for SS10. BM had 21 days to appeal that recommendation, which would have been last week.

Yesterday, DH contacted the FOC to see if BM appealed. She did not. The FOC advised DH that it could take several more weeks to get the order before the judge for signature to actually put the new amount into effect. The clerk acted like the judge could despute the new amount despite the FOC doing the review and calculation. Gotta love how slow government entities function.

Since this order results in DH overpaying for 3 months, DH asked the FOC how that is handled. The FOC said it is up to BM - she can either cut us a check for the full amount overpaid or take an additional $50 reduction in her CS checks for several months until the overpayment is resolved. DH was irritated because every time DH has had a CS increase, the judge has ordered immediate full payment to BM, even if the total was several thousand dollars, or risk jail time, despite never having arrears ever. DH never had the option of paying a little more every check until the underpayment was resolved. DH really wants BM to have to cut him a check for the full amount, just so she can feel the financial stress we have felt every time we owe her for the difference in CS. I told DH that the FOC likely isn't going to make her do that and she makes so much money that the few hundred dollars she would owe us would be a drop in the bucket for her. 


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Finally some good news! I know you won't completely belive it until the judge signs off on it. - but it has to be a bit of a relief. While I completely understand why DH wants her to write a check, that probably isn't going to happen and this isn't something worth fighting over.

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Oh we know that it likely won't happen and we have no intention of fighting over it - BM will be losing money either way. It was interesting seeing DH feel a little petty. Usually, it's me who feels petty and irritated by BM and our situation.

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Gotta love how slow government entities function.

Government is supposed to do many things, but function is almost never one of the things it actually does. IMHO

I get how infuriating it is. Even when there is a win in court, the process has always left my skin crawling and like I needed a scalding hot shower to blast the skeeve off of my body.

How anyone can stand to be in most government environment sday in and day out is beyond my ability to understand. Certainly there a few that may be exceptions.  Too bad they are not all on the competent side of the ledger.