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Just an update

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Our vacation last week was WONDERFUL! My kids had a blast, DH and I were able to relax and reconnect. 

Back to work sucks... I need to win the lottery or something LOL

DH found out that he is switching commands next week, but we are staying local, which is good for my kids. BS16 will be able to finish HS, BD14 will start HS but there is a chance she will be able to finish locally. 

I reached out to our attorney again yesterday. He still hasn't sent the subpoena's to BM's work place. I'm not surprised. He is setting a hearing and filing a motion to produce her FULL tax returns at the hearing, which apparently he is working with the judge to set a date now without BM's attorney- I don't understand that or why it's happening like that. Contempt will be heard at the same time. I would be wiling to bet that if BM's attorney isn't involved it will get changed AFTER we buy plane tickets... I am just so over it all. If her demands weren't so ridiculous, I would just beg DH to pay her off and move on with our lives. 


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Great news about your DH not having to move.  My sibling is in the military and they have been stationed in the same place for a while now so the kids can graduate high school.  Sorry to hear about the lack of movement on all the BM stuff, I keep hoping something good will come of all of this. 

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On the unfolding hearing situation.  The reschedule at the last minute thing was a favorite of the SpermClan when DW was a single teen mom college student working three jobs while she and SS lived out of state for her college education.

It was their preferred tactic for trying to get DW to give up due to the financial impact of their maniplations. She called their bluff repeatedly, took out supplemental school loans, traveled for multiple canceled at the last minute hearing dates spending $thousands.  

They tried it one last time for the hearing that they initiated to try to gain custody of SS after more than 6mos of repeatedly canceled hearings.  That one was less than a week after we married.  With my support and helping DW keep her foot up her group hug can't we all just get along lawyers ass the SpermClan ended up eating their own sh!t at that point though the Judge was pissed we refused to agree to another postponement so he could preside over a murder trial.  They were all enraged that they could not get yet another hearing cancelation.  The Judge upheld full sole custody of SS for my wife.  Awarded minimal long distance visitation to the SpermClan, raised CS by 10% an had the POS Spermidiot stand while the Judge chewed him up one side and down the other just before issueing the ruling.


We handed the SpermClan their asses that day.  From then on, they shifted tactics and under the mistaken perception that if they did not show up for court when summonsed that those hearing would be postponed the suffered brutal loss after brutal loss. Nope, every time they failed to show up, we pushed the Judge to rule regardless of their absence.   The results were a nearly 600% increase in CS, etc...

Stick to your guns and keep BM's feet to the fire.

You are doing the right things.