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And the winner is......

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I posted last week asking what would happen to our 48th anniversary plans to spend 2 nights at our local casino: 1) we would have a wonderful time or 2) SD60 would call with another monthend emergency that would cause us to postpone our plans, or 3) SD60 would call with another monthend emergency but we'd still be able to go altho we'd be late and I'd be resentful.

The winner is.....#1!  We had a great time!  Ate too much, drank too much, spent too much but it was so fun!   I think DH84 pre-empted the situation by giving her some $ last week.  Whatever.

She was callIng every morning last week about 9:30 am but I realized DH84 must have made an agreement to have daily contact because at one point, I heard her say, "You didnt call me today".  I get so aggravated because she's manipulative, needy and unbalanced but I need to remember that he put up with my daily calls to my unlikeable sister for years.  And, he's currently hearing my daily calls and frequent visits to my mom who hardly disguises her dislike of him.  I need to be more tolrrant of the daily calls with his unlikeable daughter.

We are in big-time recovery now.  But, we had a great anniversary!


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Congratulations on your anniversary and I'm glad everything went smoothly.  

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Happy Anniversary.

Yea just forget the daily calls, as annoying as they are. It must be dang hard to stand by while he gives SD60!!!! money. I understand she has challenges but dang!

Curious as to why your mama didnt like your DH ?

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I don't exactly know why she doesnt like him, he's just not her type.  For one thing, he doesnt buy into her narrative ("Doting Grandma") and he also resents the lack of support we received, specifically, babysitting DS and DD.  He feels like her other grandkids received more attention than DS and DD did.  Its weird that people our age, Mom stb99, DH84 and I are still dealing with these feeling from so long ago.

As the years passed and she saw we were happy and the 5 kids all launched more or less successfully, all with no help from either ex spouse or either grandparents ( DH's were dead), she has tried to make amends with him somewhat.  For his part, it all just rolls off and he is supportive of all efforts for her.  But each has a deep-seated dislike of the other.  Family... smh.


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So happy both of you had a great time!

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So glad that you had a wonderful time!!!!

I had a peaceful skidfree drama free weekend