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O/T Advertisements on both top and bottom of page

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A few days ago, I noted that advertisements are now displayed at both top and bottom of the site's pages leaving little room to view the blogs/forums. Is this change only for Mac O/Ss? Annoying? WOW! Dash 1


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I use my desktop work computer, never my phone and the dang things are on the top and the bottom.  The bottom is the worst, it pops up halfway thru reading a blog

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It's happening on my laptop too and it's bloody annoying!  The worst part is that it can't be dismissed (arrow down, change strings, back it comes) and it pops up every single time I move to a new sting...up...down...up...down...I'm actually getting motion sick from it!

ADMIN! - anything you can do?  I know the site needs ads for revenue, but this is a particularly intrusive (and nauseating!) format!

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I had tjmax and Lazy Boy Recliners on mine. Etrade on the side bar. *scratch_one-s_head*


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I just got an email saying that my account has been optimized.  I guess that's what did it.

They said it was GOOD NEWS........guess not............

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I set it back to the original and not the new and improved model that they chose for me.