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Check Mate!

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Chef and I have decided that we are going to have our attorney file a motion to dismiss this request by the Girhippo because it obviously does not qualify as an emancipation event for New York State. 

And it may be an Insidious way to get into Chef's personal business.  It would be funny if this results in the HousesHitter finding out that indeed she does receive child support for him and that the Gir was lying all along, as well as her entire family insisting Chef is a deadbeat dad.

HousesHitter has not moved out nor has he gained full-time employment yet so for the Girhippo to jump the gun I can't but help wonder if this is just a trojan horse.

Obviously all the information they want is quite intrusive as usual.  Sounds counterintuitive but I think this is the way to play it and just have the clock run out ( unless there is an actual emancipation event)  so no more Court appearances either in person or virtual and no more intrusive financial statements.


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I'm in a different state and child support just ends...... in that dads just stop paying when kid turns 18 or graduates. In my case the kid was a year later and everything continued until he was 19. Then stopped. No court appearances and why would he need to show finances for it to stop? Sounds odd to me. Oh and I got a letter automatically from "office of recovery services" telling me when it would no longer continue and that if I wanted to dispute it because he was still in school I could. The end. 

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Cs goes automatically till age 21 no matter what the kid is doing.  And every time somebody submits a request to the court you have to show up with your financials in hand.  The only time that it automatically ends in my understanding is when the last kid ages out (aka 21) although in some cases I understand you still have to go to court to get it removed even if there aren't younger kids still on CS.

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It has to be designed for something more than stopping CS. If it were legitimately to stop CS, they would not be asking for Chef's financials. There would be no reason for needing them if there were to be no CS.

Oh judge, he can't find a job. I need more money as he's no longer getting free breakfast and lunch.

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It is standard operating procedure in NY courts to ask for Financials every.single.time

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Of course, because in NY they will rape these men for every dime they have and let these bum bi&^%$es do the bare minimum for their own kids. My DH has paid a quarter of a million dollars to date in CS. The gravy train ends in 6 weeks. I am going to throw a damn party. I wanna see how many vacations this bum hag is gonna take now that she won't have my DH's money to bankroll her life.

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NY does suck. Also thier is a little loophole in NY where a parent can have the support extended past 21 if the child is a full time college student.