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UPDATE: Today is the Big Day!

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For whatever reason, the Girhippo wants YSS (HousesHitter 18.5) to emancipate without a full time job and without being out of the house.  As a refresher, CS automatically goes to age 21 no matter what the "child" is doing.  There are very few specific emancipation events that meet the criteria BEFORE age 21.  This is not one of them and the Gir should know that having been in the CPS biz, foster parent counseling, etc. etc.

Also coincidentally the lights have come back on for the HousesHitter's social media accounts.  He had scrubbed them for awhile shortly after "graduating" HS.  

There has to be an ulterior motive for the Gir to want to stop CS before 21 which has been speculated upon before.  The Gir and her clan have told everyone who will listen that "Chef never paid a penny" and "left them high and dry." (TM)

Nothing could be further from the truth, however.   

Here are three options from best case to worst case scenario:

1.  The court will agree with the Gir and let her have her way, ending CS (not likely at all; the state loves their Fed kickbacks for most CS ordered/collected)

2.  Chef's attorney will present that this is not an emancipation event as defined by NYS law and things will continue status quo i.e.  CS will continue as is until the HousesHitter turns 21 or if there is an actual legal emancipation event before then

3.  The court will reexamine finances and somehow contrive a CS upwards modiication as a result of the Gir filing this (although she is not due for an actual review until 4/22).  There has been no signficant financial differences on Che's side, however she is almost certainly making more money working for the VA (a 30 minute commute for her which is unprecedented so this must be a promotion from her foster parent counseling gig for a local to her non profit).

UPDATE:  Apparently the HousesHitter has some under the table job at $14 an hour and is still living with the Gir.  The Magistrate read off the NYS definition of emancipation, that it didn't rise to that definition, Chef's attorney moved to dismiss and everything is status quo.  CS still goes on.     There was also a matter of the Gir saying that "both parents have agreed that YSS is emancipated" which is a lie.  Chef never has any communication with them outside of court proceedings so his attorney advised against this as the job (probably) may not last very long and she can go back for more CS should (when) the HousesHitter loses his job.




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She has asked to discontinue CS for him before in an emotional hissy fit.  When last we visited the scene, she wrote a note into the court the day before the appearance stating that she would not attend because the sight of Chef is "too emotionally stressful."  Considering that they have been divorced for almost 16 years now, this request is wackadoodle to say the least.   She then went onto say in the note that she doesn't want CS for YSS and that she doesn't want anything to do with Chef... oh and that the PAS allegations are a falsehood--that Chef should "focus on repairing his damaged relationship with his children."  (TM)

We think it is also because the HousesHitter may find out that the Gir and clan have been lying all along as regards Chef being a "deadbeat dad."

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Well I hope court goes well and hopefully they lower CS if the Gir is in fact making more money. I am curious why she is so intent on having him emancipated.

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When DH finished paying CS , I printed out the record of payments from the webpage and highlighted totals and he sent it to the other house via YSD.  No way to argue that fact proven in black and white.  

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In our case,  the older two siblings have moved out but any mail from us is refused or intercepted by the Girhippo.

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could be deposited into some sort of trust fund for him; apparently not.

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So weird. It's strange how there is some motive behind it. 

Now.. can't she just say I don't want CS anymore and write up a new agreement? Why does he specifically need to be  emancipated? 

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and they get Fed kickbacks for CS ordered and collected.  
Actually all states do but NYS is especially in the red.  Nanny state

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So if someone says I don't want to collect child support anymore the court will still enforce? How do they force someone to pay someone when they don't want to be paid anymore? 

I am just generally curious. 

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The state has precedent over what the parent wants.  Not sure if this works in the reverse because many CP bioDADS seem to say "I don't want it" and the judges/magistrates agree.   Guess the state only cares if the recipient has a va jay jay.

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Like my SO *insert eye roll* Yeah that's so messed up. Wonder if you guys will find out what she was planning. 

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