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Day 2 of summer with sd came with a huge arguement SD went to ER

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Ok, so EVERY summer with SD there is at least 1 huge arguement. This time, over a hair clip.

Sd16 let DD16 borrow a hair clip, DD left it in the bathroom. I run a home daycare, I take a little girl ro the bathroom, and she picks the hair clip up, i go to take it away from her, and thre girl lets go of it and it falls to the floor. A peice breaks off. I went to go let SD know, but she's alseep. I start cooking dinner.

Directly after dinner I have to take DD to the dr for a UTI. On our way home DD17 texts DD16 that SD16 is complaining to her and her friends that DD16 broke her clip just like she breaks everything of her. 

Ok ill give a quick back story.  Sd PURPOSELY broke DDs goggles because she was jealous that DD was on swim team.  SD PURPOSELY destroyed DDs spiral notebook that had a mandala coloring fronts BEFORE it was popular, so it was IMPOSSIBLE to replace because i couldn't find it ANYWHERE online or in stores when i tried to replace it. SD is literally the one who breaks everything, DD hasn't broken anything if SDs before. 

DD is pissed and tells sd that before she goes and spreads rumors she should talk to her first and get all the info.  (There were a lot less nicer words used, but i don't blame her).

DH outs mad at DD17 for butting her nose in other people's business, but IMO you hear someone talking crap about me, you let me know. DH is mad that DD16 cussed at sd...  i explain to him that just jire they talk to each other, SD "accidentally" drops f bombs, @ss, b!tc#, w#ore in front of the daycare kids, i kick her out of the room each time, and ive warned her and DH 1 more time and she's effectively going to be banned from my daycare space. 

Anyways after trying to talk this all through and explain to sd that before telling her friends and DD17 that DD16 broke her headband, like she does everything, she really should have talked to DD FIRST. After this huge fight, that sd thinks DD17 is the only one in the wrong, she starts screaming in agonizing pain (which she'll do even when DH playfully pokes her side). She insists that she's in such horrible pain.  We take her to the emergency room. 6hrs and $200 later all tests come back normal.... thanks SD for a wonderful start to our month long visit with you. 

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Ifi did it all over again, i wouldn't have. But I love my DH, he usually is pretty level headed when sd is there. I'm pretty sure that he's been worried about what was going to set sd off to make her not want to come back (which if you see part 2, i think this was it) but he didn't coddle her, other than to take her to the ER, but if you see the way she cries, you'd think she was being amputated without any anesthesia. So IF she was actually in pain, and he didn't take her to the ER, and maybe she had a hernia, or her intestines ruptured or SOMETHING we'd be in thre wrong... i understand DH thinking we need to go ahead and take her.  But he was pretty calm and collected and cool headed, i think because he knew there was a probability she was not actually in pain. 

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I wouldn't have taken her to the ER.  Give her a couple of Advil and tell her to go lie down.

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Right? She was sooooo loud and obnoxious when she cries too, it makes me nauseous! 

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Sigh...I know what you mean.  SD59 used to be an active person all day long.  But often, about 10pm, she would come to me with alarming, mysterious symptoms.  I'd worry all night, make plans for medical care, etc.  Next morning, instant cure. 


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Him about his disrespect towards me and our kids together, he would claim he had imaginary stress syndrome just to shut hubby up. 

1 time he took his aunts motorbike for a joy ride in the country, fell off it. Next morning he is on sofa in summertime with a blanket on. Walked like annelderly man or worser than a woman who just gave birth by emergency csection (at least we have 7 layers of muscle cut through) he had a tiny surface  graze on his foot. Told daddy he needed it bandaged up. 

hubby lost it with this bullshit and lots of eye rolls from our family as a few of us including myself recently had a csection prior to this, we know friggin  pain.

They milk it all they can for any idiot dumb enough to buy it. Currently your idiot husband is buying this bullshit!!

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Stealing the motorcycle should have landed him in jail.

As for crashing a motorcycle,  even with no scapes or lacerations it can stove even a young person up pretty good.  I have crashed bikes several times in my racing days and not been able to move for several days due to extreme soreness.  The worst was so bad that when I attempted to stand up out of bed the next day I collapsed on the floor.  I had dislocated a shoulder and hyperextended both of my knees.  I was on great drugs for a couple of days.

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SD shouldn't be allowed in the daycare space AT ALL. This is your business and lively hood. She can't be driving away clients. Not saying that she has, but it gives parents GOOD reason to want to take their kid out if someone is cussing around them! Also, when you are working you don't have time to deal with her crap. Tell her to SCRAM. 

If DH gets offended you're telling her to leave, then fine. Obviously it's not important to him for you to run your business, so he can foot ALL the bills. 

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You're right, I think that's what I'm going to do. But im hoping that after what happened yesterday, ssf won't be coming back period.

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" 1 more time and she's effectively going to be banned from my daycare space"

NO! Ban her NOW! She has no business being anywhere near those kids. Supposing she has an accident and one of the kids gets hurt - how would your insurance take it?