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DH mentions that DD18 still had sd blocked from her phone

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Last july, when i took DD17 to the doctor, SD had a huge fit about a $1 hair clip that was broken, came out blamed DD17(at the time 16) because she borrowed it (which is logical to believe), she told dd18(17 at the time) that it had to be her, as she always breaking her stuff (not true at all DD17 has never broken anything of sd's, but SD HAS broken things off dd's) when dd18 text dd17 asking if she broke sd's hair clip,  dd17 text SD saying that she never broke the clip quit accusing her off things without talking to her...

Well this blew up,  INSANELY. Me and dd are still at the dr at this time. SD goes and tells DH that dd18 OVERHEARD her conversation to a friend and went behind her back and told dd things that she didn't even hear the whole story. 

I come home and apparently DH had yelled at dd18, for eaves dropping and spreading misinformation. And SD is hyperventilating and screaming. Then starts complaining that her stomach feels like it's going to explode, we take her to the hospital and BM shows up, she ends up going home with BM (even though this was day 1 of dh's extended summer visitation)  well come to find out dd18 actually has the whole conversation between her and SD on a recording, SD said she was on the phone with a friend and was not taking to dd at all, all the things she supposedly said to a friend in her room that dd eaves dropped in were actually said DIRECTLY to dd face to face.  

and DH is upset that dd has her blocked after a year and sd has never apologized 


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So your DH yelled at your daughter because SD never lies ... Did he at least listen to both sides of the story? He's lucky that he isnt blocked too. What a shit-stirrer your SD is. Why does he care who is blocked or not on your adult daughter's phone?

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SD  ALWAYS  lies, when i came home and she was trying to tell her side, i pointed out several pieces of her story that wasn't consistent... 

DH yelled at dd because he thought she was eaves dropping and telling dd17 before she got home so that sd could confront her herself... 

Yea, sd is a complete sh!t stirrer, ask while my dd18 JUST had surgery, she's trying to get her in trouble for blocking her.  

I told DH that dd still had not received an apology from sd, and it's hard to "let water under the bridge"when the bridge hasn't been built yet.... all he had to say about that was "true"

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If your dahter has blocked her, it is her business and nobody else's. Time your SD grew up. Also time your DuH  put a stop to her tattling. 

Looks like your dd is growing up and leaving her stepsister waaaay behind. 

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At this point if the kids don't get along it's on them. If you want your marriage to survive you put the girls on notice that what happen is between them now, you won't tolerate and more drama from them.  You make it clear to the entire household that the marriage comes first. But for that to actually happen your DH will need to let go of his need to defend his daughter's bad behaviors.  Can he do that?? Can you continue to live with him if he won't?   It might be time for an ultimatum: SD and her drama or the marriage and boundaries put in place to protect it.