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SD and her lies and possible BM lying to SD

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SD17 tells DD18 these CRAZY lies!!!!

DD tells SD that DH was so annoying because he was joking around with her about a serious topic that she was trying to be serious about, so SD sees this as a way to start bad mouthing DH, so she starts in on all these lies that she says BM told her, but I kind of wonder, DID BM tell her these, or is SD lying about that too? nobody will EVER know, they both lie SOOOOOOO MUCH

according to SD, DH half the time doesn't pay child support. We pay through the attorney general, they take it out of our account, whether it is there or not, so that's a lie.


That when the whole someone (ME) broke her hair clip, and DD19 "eaves dropped on her conversation" (she straight up was talking to DD) that when we were talking to SD I got up and was yelling down to her (because she was huddled on the floor) and stepped closer to her and scared her, and pointed my finger at her, and yelled more. #1 I STAYED seated, #2 I NEVER yelled, (I amay have laughed at her because the ENTIRE thing was a ridiculous performance), and #3 I NEVER pointed at her. I think at one point, because she kept talking over me, I said in a louder tone, "I'm not done talking" but it was never yelling, It was literally raised talking.


That past summer when we took SD to the ER for her HORRIFIC cramps there are a few lies here, after making a HUGE fuss over a crazy lie that DD19 eaves dropped (when the conversation literally was WITH DD19), SD says that DH called BM and said that she couldn't come see SD in the hospital... DH NEVER talked to BM, SD text BM and asked DH which hospital it was so that she could tell her mom, and he offered that information up WITHOUT ANY hesitation. THEN SD said that DH didn't know ANY of the information at the hospital, so he couldn't fill out anything on the form, BM got there seconds after we did, and took the papers FROM DH and filled them out herself, THEN insisted on taking SD back herself. NEXT lie was that she had some stress on her ovaries, and that's why she's going in over and over again to these GYNO appointments, NOTHING showed up at the hospital, they did Xrays, CTs, ultra sounds.

AND she brought up again how DH supposedly pushed BM down the stairs pregnant. Which after living with DH for like 11 years, I have NEVER seen him be violent. And as someone who HAS been in an abusive relationship, that accusation is VERY upsetting.

BM ALSO has tried to say that she has cancer in the past, which with DH's dad passing of cancer, THAT is very upsetting! The abuse thing and the cancer things are just things you don't lie about... those are OFF LIMITS! anyways, thanks for letting me rant again!

oh, and yes, SD left early on christmas, as soon as all her presents were unwrapped!

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All the lies paint SD as the victim, worthy of pity.  This is my SD61 for the pastr 50+ years.

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Exactly!  Sd and BM are liars through and through! When they want to play victim, or just wanting to one up everyone, they resort to lies! Dd knows me, and she knows DH, we may be "cringy" parents who might embarrass/ annoy them from time to time, but we aren't these "evil"  parents that sd paints us out to be! 9/10 times i ignore sd and everything she does and says, but that one time when she was throwing dd19 under the bus telling flat out lies,i got involved.  But i did not yell, i did not lose my cool, in fact i laughed pointing out inconsistencies in her story... that was it. I didn't even get up from sitting on my bed! But she was wanting sympathy, and it's trying to cut my out of dd18s life (same way she cut her "bff"out of her friend group). Dd18 says she enjoyed seeing how far sd will go with the lies, and then calling her out on it in the end leaving sd feeling incredibly dumb... but sd keeps coming back telling her these lies LMAO.

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My kids are on to my SD61.  They know she's a liar so dont credit anything she says.  They, like me, have a polite and civil relationship with her for DH85's sake.