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what is the Easter Bunny bringing this yeary

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Dd12 asked if the Easter Bunny was still coming even though he Jang a real bunny. I jokingly said heck no. My BIOS looked at me like I was insane.

Dd12 made the argument to her case that Dd19 had the Easter Bunny for 18 years. To keep it fair, she should get baskets for the next 6 years but Dd19 should be done. Plus if I didn't buy for Dd19 she could have more.

All being said with pouty lips that were trying hard not to break out laughing as her sister Dd19 was trying for the argument that the Easter Bunny had to come see her, since Dd12 believed. How could he visit only Dd12.

So on the idea of fair Dd19 shouldn't be left out. She's still a kid. All with plight lips that are trying hard not to smile.

I had ready decided to do little baskets for Bs.

However however Ss15 isn't doing weekend visits. He has unfriended the entire family on FB. He sees Dh 4 hours a week.

SD20 - I have seen her for about 2 hrs since before Christmas. Dh has seen her twice three or four times.

So do I spend the same. The Easter Bunny is bringing gift cards.

How are the rest of you handling Easter baskets?


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I bought my Grand daughter a gardening set from Walmart (she is 5) and will get something for grand son who is 6 mths. BUT ... nothing else except a lovely meal and delicious dessert for anyone who would like to come for dinner. This is about Jesus rising not lining my stepkids or biokids pockets.

Oh wait, my youngest is serving in Afghanistan and ordered himself a chocolate bunny for Easter off Amazon and it arrived melted. So he will have a chocolate bunny in the freezer for him when he gets home.

No one else. I am getting SO freaking tired of this gift extravaganza.

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My BIOS and I are going to church with my brothers family. A 4 hr drive, its my neices first communion. We usually are at my moms which is half wayish....but you got to do what you got to do for your family. :).

Our baskets are usually small anyway and functional. But I guess I just wonder at what point its no more.

And I hope you bought your son a HUGE bunny. :).

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DD6 is getting a nintendo DSi because she keeps taking my DH's iphone and I am afraid she is going to break it - we are also traveling a lot in the coming months and it will be a life saver - all her friend's have one and I was so resistant getting her one but then she started begging for the iPhone and so I broke down and got her one.

SS is 18 and getting nothing!!!

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Skids will be here for Easter but at 22 and 20 they won't get a basket. Bios will get a basket with candy on Easter Sunday but on Good Friday they will get a Spring Break goody bag with books, legos, pool toys, DS game, sandals, and summer t-shirts.