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OT - Thankful Thursday

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Sorry I'm so late to the game. I know it's Friday Eve, but if feels more like Monday 4.0. Phew! Heckuva week. 

I am focusing on one thing. Please don't feel you need to limit yourself to one! I am thankful for:

          Zero obsession with social media (unless you count STalk!)


I sort of have a fakebook account. "Sort of" means I keep it DEactivated and REactivate once in a blue moon to check out new family pics (a dozen great-nieces/nephews under 5!!!). That's it. I was active on fakebook in the past and found it to be waaaaay too much BS for me. The things that I found off-putting: bickering, in-your-face-ads, and the obsession with selfies.

Selfies. WTH. What is up with these people who feel the need to costantly post selfies?! And I do mean constantly. Some post one every day. A few post MULTIPLE selfies every day. Are you bored? Are you not getting enough attention at home?? Is this some secret code telling us you've been abducted by aliens and the selfies give clues to your whereabouts??? As one who prefers to be behind the camera and avoids being in pictures as much as possible, I am truly baffled. 

Bickering. Holey.Old.Socks. When did Social Media turn into "Let's Be An Argumentative Arsehole About Everything"? Sheesh. What you wear, what you eat, your religious/political/sexual preference, you have too many/not enough/when are you having kids stuff, your car is too big/small/wrong color/uses too much gas/is snobby and/or elitest.... I felt like I was watching a The Librarians And The Rise Of Chaos episode where Apep has "whammied" everyone into fighting. Crikey, people. Can't we try to harmonize?

Ads. Ads popped up with every page scroll. Yes, Every.Single.Scroll. The 'rona ads made me freaking claustrophobic! Get your shot. Change your profile pic to show you got your shot. How/what you can do in your community. Masks. Fact checks. 'rona, 'Rona, 'RONA. Hey, I know we're in a pandemic, but I can read news regularly without having 'rona shoved in my face every few inches. Gadzooks! This is supposed to be SOCIAL media - a place where I socialize. Not make me what to buy an uncharted island and disappear from all human contact in complete paranoia. 

Where was the fun? The joy?? The comraderie??? *scratch_one-s_head*


So I got my fill of family photos (newest addition is 2 weeks old and she's a beauty!! <3 ) and promptly DEactivated the account. Again. Maybe I'll check back in December. This woman is thankful to have STalk as my single social media obsession! *drinks*


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I got off FB ages ago. For the very reasons you stated.

I dont remember which member here but she has an adult SD that posts selfies all the time even with her baby. Im sure she should comment. She was an extreme mini wife

Step Talk is my new obsession too. Its social media but incognito. Love that!

Great post Aniki

ETA I didnt say what I was thankful for. All of you stalkers even the ones I may disagree with. Different opinions make us well rounded. Different perspectives helps.

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Stepdrama2020, have you ever watched SpongeBob? There was an episode where SB wanted to be like everyone else. His holes disappeared, his square edges rounded off... IOW, he lost his uniqueness and was, well, boring! Our different opinions and perspectives are what makes us interesting! xo

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She is one of the leads ! She is my kid with social anxiety . If she gets invited to a party she wants me to knock on the front door for her for some unknown reason but she can get up on stage and perform. She is playing Aspen the cheerleader 

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Thankful that DH has been a stunning nurse and stepped up to do the needed house-stuff while I'm laid up with my hip injury.

Thankful I can walk now w/out a cane (except in the late evening when it gets too tired), get some basic food for myself and feed the cats.

Thankful I can help DH even a little bit by putting away things here and there as I can.

Thankful I have a doctor follow up shortly and will know what our plan is going forward.

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Originally it was announced to be July 4th but they've limited that to 'need to be' in the office which thankfully is not me.  Whew. 

They said the next phase would cover more people but I'll see if I can weasel out of that one too!!

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Caninelover, that's great! Those are the words *I* want to hear when the next return date comes up!

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it's a known fact that remote workers are usually the first to get laid off due to lack of valuable face time.   I guess web meetings have mitigated that somewhat, but I wonder. 

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It could depend on the company. We have people who go in on rare occasion because it's necessary (equipment issues), but we're busier than ever and have actually hired. *unknw*

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that Awesomeson and his bride's baby is healthy and quite content.   There's very little worse than a fussy, colicky baby.

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the last two weeks at work have been H3ll.. Servers crashing. DNS issues, failed Disater Recovery tests..oh my.

I'm very very thankfull our guinea pig survived having puemonia and is back at home weeking up a storm.  Little bugger is loud but oh so cute.

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I'm thankful for all my supports. It hasnt been an easy few weeks but these people I'm thankful for: ST gang, work colleagues, bosses, emergency services, friends, and neighbours checking in on me.