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Child Catcher digging her own romantic grave

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So it's no secret our BM is a giant fan of alinating the kids. She's a full time Disney mom so while both the kids are completely codependent ( SD7 got off milk bottles at 5 due to us not her , she still cosleeps , etc) she also tries to have a life but fails because mommy isn't home

The backfire has begun and I'm sitting here with popcorn.  So BM has for lack of a better term a boytoy. He is my age ( she's older than DH by a few years - accused him of being a pedo by dating me all around a fun time). We never gave her flack on seeing a guy that has a girlfriend that's half her age, being around the kids without vetting it because we frankly don't care unless something smells fishy. He's a f--k toy and he isn't living there. Trust me SD7 blabs and he cannot do sleepovers.

Well it's our weekend and SD4 starts in on how she may want to stay home to DH ( do not get me started on the lack of co and letting the kids call shots. ) But BM sort of apparently pushed her to go. At least until 9 or so. 

After dinner SD4 keeps missing her mom and telling us over and over. We are being accommodating offering coloring , games etc. But it's a constant. Well DH is getting sick of the facade and tries to get BM to take her sooner because good God she raised this codependent child and this is her bed to lie in.

I can't wait til she gets a serious suitor . Like I'll be giggling how this bit her in the face. Good luck getting someone to move in with two kids constantly pulling on your skirts due to your lack of boundaries and using your kids as a crutch. I mean it's cute that the kids are here whole life but considering this goes against her self published book on being happy with your "gifts" this will be fun.

Is it sad she's ruined the relationship of sd4 and DH ? Yes . But DH didn't gain the balls  to claim jack so I get to see it unfold like a comedy / drama



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Good luck, BM!  Have fun, or try to, with your codependent kids.

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She used to make us say she was on a work thing when vacationing with her sister. We don't pull that front so enjoy your weird ass relationship with the kids !

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BM will never get properly laid until her children are in their 40s.  Good on her for raising codependents! 

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I'm sure she's getting laid just that she isn't going to get a decent relationship as any guy would come here with the stats and we'd tell that guy to head for the hills

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BM and DH both like much younger people to be with. It's ridiculous and inappropriate she called DH a pedo if she likes them young herself. Hypocrite 

i bet when she gets into more serious relationship she'd want DH see kids more often and keep them overnight. She'd not want them to come home early 

this arrangements of SDs going  home early will change quickly 

they really need proper CO

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Disagree on my DH liked younger people, when I asked him out he didn't even understand the meaning of an ex coworker going to have a drink with him. After I hinted enough he begged that "please at least be 27 or 30". We are together because of personalities. And maybe that's the same with her boytoy. Who knows

I agree on the CO. We aren't rich but BMs family is loaded. Even with receipts he's terrified of losing even more time and paying even more support. I think with how odd she is a co would be a good call. He can even frame it nicely to avoid a giant court battle. But no I'm just the step mom that will end up sweeping this mess.

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What I mean is him being young makes him boytoy and f...k boy and you don't even know him. But you being young means you two are together for personalities. That doesn't seem fair. 

Him not living there is a very positive thing. No need to immediately cohabitate with everyone when kids are that young. 

you'll only sweep up the mess if you choose to do so. Not saying you shouldn't help out but let your DH deal with his responsibilities. He is a grown man and if you chose him for his personality he needs to prove it but doing the right thing being responsible for his own mess