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Ohhh Child Catcher...

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In prior blogs I've mentioned BMs nickname as child Catcher and oh boy. It's fitting like a glove still.

SD 4 didn't even bother to come over this weekend. At least that saved DH the usual 10pm "I miss my mom" trip.

But did that stop child Catcher from calling twice last night and twice so far today with SD7? Nope. And these are not quick face times. Usually half hour rambles with her going "we miss you girlfriend" over and over. We got you gifts. We are getting McDonald's right now. Why is she trying to PAS them both ? 

And should DH allow the calls ? No but I'm not going to get into that. His ex his problem. But God won't it be hysterical if she settles down with someone and needs her me time . Good luck as she's making this bizarre codependent relationship with her kids. They still all sleep together. She lets her eldest (not DHs) have his girlfriend sleep over constantly at 16. Great example for the girls there...

I know her house her rules but since school stopped SD7 has been a wild child. Me thinks it's the lack of boundaries at home because she has never been this needy or hyper. 

I got them some paintable mugs to give to their mum tomorrow. Last time I'm doing this sort of s--t for her. I'm going to paint the one I bought for SD4 tomorrow for myself  . 

Just Jesus Christ lady  . Chill about the kids. This is not a normal occurrence on our weekends. 



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Why does your DH allow all of this? She's 7, take her phone away and let her call BM once a day while she's there.  He can't control BM, but he can control what goes on in his house. And no court is going to allow a 4-year-old to decide if and when she comes over.

I know you realize this, but your DH is not doing what he could do to combat this.

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Oh it's worse. It's HIS phone

He needs to man up if this happens again. I'm so disgusted by BM but I'm disappointed in my husband.

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Don't bother giving her the mug "from" the four year old. Save it at your house for when you need to keep one the girls occupied for 30 mins. Besides which, next year if you do gifts at your house for mother's day, let your husband sort it all. 

This all sounds ridiculous. Too much communication and BM has too much power to disrupt your household. Does your husband see any issues with all of this?

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I ended up painting it last night which was really fun

And of course not . He's one of those "keeping the peace" DHs now. Lovely. Not the man I got engaged to anymore.

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The only thing that will stop BM from constantly calling is DH not answering the phone every times she calls. 

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And anytime I explain this to him and the causes it has I get labled a "Debbie downer "

Dumb dumb should have taken my no contact no drama offer from a few weeks ago.