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She paid...but...

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Apparently, Medusa waited until 4:45 pm on the 31st, walked into the FOC office with a big ole check, somehow convinced the case manager that she didn't have to put up the performance bond for the future child support and then told the case manager that she never wanted to see her again.

Case manager told this to DH when she called him this morning to tell him that the funds for the back support would disburse today.  DH asked why she let Medusa out of the performance bond and she didn't really have an answer other than to say that she will issue a bench warrant if Medusa doesn't stay current.

Suuuuuure.  So, no jail for Medusa, which I find very disappointing, but there is a big chunk of change sitting in out checking account now Smile


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Well when she gets behind again and gets a bench warrant, maybe this time they will enforce what they ordered.