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Well, can't say I am surprised

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Remember this??

Well, it's February now so that means that a new month's worth of CS is due, not to mention the $282 that Medusa didn't pay last month.

This morning, I sent the following message to FOC:
"good morning. one of the requirements of the order that came out of the show cause hearing held last December was that Medusa  would remain current on her support, or a bench warrant could be issued. As you know, she has an outstanding balance from January, thereby making her not current with her support. Will there be any enforcement action taken?"

the response??    "We are expecting a payment to be made soon. Your case assistant reviewed the case and will check at the end of the week to see if a payment was made or pursue enforcement at that time."

I will say this for her, Medusa never makes things boring Smile


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A pony, too, but that doesn't mean it's actually coming.

Good God.

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"We are expecting a payment to be made soon.

And why wouldn't they? Her track record is excellent!

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As much as we'd all love her ass to be arrested... she's a slippery one...she has probably already spoken to the case officer and negotiated an extention until friday or something along those lines. 

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If that was a father that was behind on the CS, would they be so laid back about being late with the payment. I highly doubt it.

DS42 was awarded $370 a month for CS for his two boys, he has full custody. Tweeker Whore has never paid one dime to him. DS42 had to go to the CS office for an update on the case, you know they couldn't tell him over the phone or in a letter. Nope he had to go in to the office. Anyway, he's directed into this tiny cubicle, the asshat behind the desk tells DS42 that he's over $50,000 behind in CS, they are pulling his license and he will have to go to jail, unless he pays the CS down. DS42 told the Asshat to look again, his ex owes that amount and they have never went after her for any f*cking money, but they have the balls to threaten him with jail. Tweeker Whore now owes $68,820 and DS42 has never gotten one thin dime.

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Well, my oldest son's dad (23), was not arrested for not paying child support until my son was 17.5. He had made one payment (actually the IRS redirected his "refund" that he obtained by claiming our son when he shouldn't have) at that point. We separated when my son was 1.5. As mentioned, my son is now 23. He still owes about $40k in arrears (his support order was based on minimum wage (he worked 1099 or under the table doing construction the whole time). Now that he "has" to pay arrears, he is working as a union pipe fitter... but still only pays $300 a month to arrears. So, it's not just women that get away with crap. 

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gets away with not paying CS is about as common as a 3 legged unicorn.  Whereas an NCP BM gets a million chances as she whisks away in her private jet