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Chris Pratt and his #2 Wedding backlash

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Classic! We talk about it all the time here on ST, and it NEVER seems to change.

The birthing of his child MUST be the happiest day of his life, right? How dare he disregard his first family so blatantly!

Quick to point out, that the child in question was born prematurely with health issues, and it was a stress-filled day. How about his child bringing him happiness and joy by existing and the wedding being just plain a happy day, without step dramam?

Not going to happen because people out there consider children to be their whole reason for existing.


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Didnt you know that any subsequent marriage or kids in a "second" family are not "happiest days" material. 

My steps who are adults barely acknowledge our marriage. I think if I said it was our best day the meltdown would be epic. Hmmm...time to post on Instagram Wink

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Why are people so full of hate??? They got married! It's exciting! So what if he was married before??? It was to the WRONG person or they'd still be married! Marrying the RIGHT person is SO MUCh more important! SO of course it was a better day! That "first wedding" no matter how spectacular, is a failed wedding. They want to be happy with having their life together!

And no matter how much you love your child. I think births are pretty well stressful from what I've gathered.

That makes me sad that people can't even be excited when two are just celebrating their lives together and are excited Sad Always have to find flaw because "well what about your ex and child?!" When it should just be "Congratulations! I'm glad you're happy!"

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Poor guy. It must be awful dealing with idiots all the time. How dare he have the audacity to find happiness and a better wife. She is childbearing age so hopefully they’ll decide to churn out a bunch of kids. 


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He wasn't snubbing his ex wife? Why would he mention her? Wouldn't that then be snubbing his new bride?

And "our lives" might mean his and his new wife and their marriage, not his status as a dad to a kid who is not hers.

He didn't say it was the best day of HIS life.

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Yes, it was mentioned, that the happiest day of OUR life meant that, and that he can have other HAPPIEST DAYS...but that doesnt provide good clickbait.

It just hit me on a nerve today for some reason.

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This is exactly what I thought. He didn't say it was the "best day of my life" - he said it was the "best day of our life."  So for them, as a couple, it was their "best" day.

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But why should it even matter? it's his life, so couldn't he choose what's the best day? He's not snubbing anyone by enjoying his own life. I don't get why anyone is judging it.

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Agree 100%. People can have more than one best day of their life, why nitpick about this? Heaven forbid he treasures the day he married his new wife. Ugh

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Oh, bless it. Anyone who pays attention to his social media would know that he adores his kid and has a good relationship with his ex. Some people just can’t stand to see someone else happy and successful. I’m sure he doesn’t take it to heart, if he even reads the comments.

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People get so uppity over the silliest things.  I read the article earlier and the only saving grace was most of the comments were positive and didn’t agree with all the silly people freaking out over it.

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So sad that people have to be so judgmental. It is an expression. There are many stages in our lives and on many occasions we might say it is the best day. 

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This is ridiculous. Even if he had of said ‘best day of MY life’ instead of ‘our’, so what? He’s allowed to feel how he feels & we all have many ‘best days’ of our lives... he just married his new wife, of course he’s going to feel that way! I’m sure his attention & focus is on his wife, not thinking back to his past with his ex or the day their kid was born. He’s allowed to be in the moment on his wedding day. Some people are just sad to pull apart such a happy moment for them. 

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he was already married once before, all these people think the wedding to the first wife has to be a "best day" over his wedding to his second wife? At that rate, why should anyone marry someone who has been married before if they aren't even allowed to have one special day, be the "best day" for their partner? The first wife has nothing to do with the remarriage, it is not about her. 

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is that he likely said the same thing on the day of his first wedding, on day that his son was born, on the day that he first held his son, and on many other days.

That is just a phrase that people use to express joy and happiness in the moment.

Given the rate of divorce in this country, the probability that Mr. Pratt will have the opportunity to say that again at his next wedding is quite likely.



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Every new day I wake up on this earth is the BEST day of my life. And I have best days ahead of me, too.

When I married my first husband, I thought "Best day ever!" Each child was "best day ever!!" Second marriage - "best day ever."

Yada yada. There were some crap days in between, but my BEST days are all ahead of me.

People need to mind they own bizness.

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This is a wedding/union between 2 consenting adults. This is the best day of their lives - so far. And long may it continue through all the challenges that life throws in their way. The best day of childbirth is totally different. And frankly Kathryn wasn't there at Jack's birth so how would she know. Why oh why make this about a little boy? Unless he is the one getting married which i doubt happened.