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Speaking of Dr. Phil. . .

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Did anyone catch yesterday's show?

*disclaimer* seen through the eyes of a completely cynical and used stepmom

So it was tragic that "Chris" the husband died of an overdose, but viewing it as a Post Traumatic Step Disorder survivor, some stuff jumped out at me:

1. Toni the young wife, didn't seem all that broken up about Chris' death (thank GOD she never had children with Chris)

2. Toni blurted out that Chris HATED Stepmom TO Sandy the Stepmom

3. Chris' friend painted Chris as a ne'er do well (most likely spoiled, entitled, guilty parented COD) who was chronically unemployed, not in school and on drugs.

4. Chris' friend also mentioned that Chris was having "stress" from meeting his SM.

5. It was mentioned by Toni that Sandy, the SM, wanted Chris dead because he stood in the way of her inheritance and it would mean that Chris' biodad would never have to deal with the BM again. (hmmmmmm)


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I will say that the last ten minutes becomes a pitch show for Robin's businesses.

Also it kind of keeps you on top of what the latest psychobabblers are spouting.

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The SM came on the show and argued with Toni. I agree the SM seemed to use the forum as a venting site. She should have known about steptalk!

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I'd wonder about the SS's wife. Birds of a feather and all... maybe she, too, is a ne'er do well who is now just trying to get any $$ she can from her dead husband's father...