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Bug bites galore and diaper rash... are we over reacting?

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Once again I need an opinion from others on whether we are over reacting or not. Skids were with BM all weekend, and we got them last night. SS2.5 is COVERED in bug bites. Not kidding, COVERED. There is barely an inch of his body that is clear - there are 15 alone on his face and we counted close to 40 on his back, and didn't even bother with his legs and feet. He was crying and crying last night because he was itchy so we went out and bought him itch cream and it seemed to help. We asked SD5 what they did that they got so many bug bites, and she said, "We kept asking mommy for some becuase we kept getting bites, but she always told us she was too busy." Then with her attitude she added, "But she WASN'T busy, she was just tanning!" So BM couldn't get off her lazy butt to get her kids some bug spray???

In addition, SS2.5 is being potty trained and wears a pull-up. Sometimes, he's lazy and goes potty in his pull up but always goes on the "real" toilet when asked, so we've determined he just needs prompting every couple of hours. Last night during bath time we noticed he has the worst case of diaper rash I've ever seen on looks like he was left in a wet pull-up for almost the whole weekend!

DF took pictures of him and is adding this to record book...are we over reacting?


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Yes and No. I know its annoying to see the kids like that but you guys did the right thing. Take pictures and I would have DH call BM and tell her how the kids looked send the kids with bug spray next time they go over. Not really much else you can do. Oh and along with the bug spray sent over to Ointment for the rash too Smile

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No your not over reacting. BM sounds lazy. This is sad but I have had to teach my daughter how to take care of herself when she was at her father's house. You need to pack things to prevent things like bug bites. I send bug replant wipes instead of bug spray. They are much easier to use for little one. I also send sun block spray and the stick for her face. Once a child has a bad experiance like that they are more likely to remember the stuff they have in there bag if they need it. I know 2.5 is young but if you can teach him how to use these things it will help out. I had to start teaching my daughter at 3.

Try putting the little guy in a bath with epson salt. I have found they it helps dry up the diaper rash fast. It will also help with the bites. Good Luck!

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I'm covered in mosquito bites and so is my kiddo...I have every bug spray you can imagine! I have bug bands, I have a bug fan, I have citronella candles, you name it! It seems it doesn't work all the time...bug spray is toxic too...hmmm...and if Mosquitos get in our apt, next morning I have bites! Argh!

Not saying you can't try to minimize them, but some people are mosquito magnets! Now if it's fleas, or something else, I would think it would be easier to avoid places...

BTW, everyone who knows me calls me a cleaning frea and for a couple of weeks i kept waking up to bites on my body that nobody else got! My husband didn't get a single one and we slept in the same bed! I had exterminators come to check our house, mattress, etc and they found nothing...

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My mom yelled at me once for my daughter having bug bites. I had dropped her off for my parents to visit. She was at work. My dad played with her in the yard. Mom automatically blamed me without knowing the facts. She felt like a jerk later. Anyhow the moral is kids get bug bites. If it's an ongoing problem or there are extraordinary circumstances you didn't post you are reacting properly. If this is the first time or you have knowledge the child was out with the mother at a picnic or some logical place this could have happened you are over reacting. Bug bites happen, things happen to kids while its important to watch out for kids it's also important to be level headed and realistic that things do happen and not jump to the abuse or neglect accusations

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I appreciate all of your thoughts on this, so I'm going to clarify a few things. I don't want anyone to think I'm trying to argue about it, and I DO realize that things like this happen....and it really wouldn't be a big deal at all, except that this stuff happens ALL THE TIME.

1. This is not the first time, third time, or fifth time they have been infested with bug bites and reported that there was no attempt made to spray with bug spray or anything. BM never tells us when the kids are going to the lake or doing anything woodsy, otherwise we would try to make a reminder to take bug spray or we personally would pack stuff. Last summer she took them to a lake cabin for a weekend and they looked like this, but on top of it they were badly sunburned and SD4 had been bit by a dog...I know that is not BM's fault but it just seemed so obvious no one was watching the kids all weekend.

2. We have the kids 50/50 and if the BM is going to take them on her weekend out to her mother's house, (who lives in a wooded area) there's no reason why we would know that...not to mention someone there should have some sort of bug stuff for them, knowing from past experience! Why should we have to supply the bug spray for her to take with her on the weekends when she is perfectly capable of purchasing it on her own, but is too lazy to do it? I know I will get hell for saying that as some of you are just going to say it's best for the kids to suck it up and just send it along with them...which of course we will do from now on, although it's still ridiculous that we have to do that.

2. I totally understand being a bug magnet as I am one too!! When I was little everyone thought I had chicken pox and they were actually bug bites. And that said, this would not a big deal at all (as we know that bug bites happen) if only that BM had made an EFFORT or at least had given them some anti-itch stuff rather than be miserable little children from Saturday until Monday night when we picked them up. The fact that she kept telling her daughter she was "busy" while sitting there tanning tells you a little something. DF told me that's how she always was before, too. If she was tanning you were not to bother her, because she called it "me" time. Classic... and fits into the other antics that I've blogged about.

We sent the kids to day care this morning with anti-itch cream and showed them how to put it on...hopefully they can become responsible adults some day.

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No you are not over reacting.

My SS used to come home from visitation with the SpermIdiot with diaper rash so bad his annus would blead and he had puss filled welts all over his butt.

We took pictures and filed a court case to eliminate visitation. The judge chewed the SpermIdiot's and SpermGrandMa's asses but did not eliminate visitation/

Call CPS the next time the Skids come home in a state of obvious neglect and let BioMom deal with having CPS up her ass.

Good luck and best regards.