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On a totally random side note... kind of

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In regards to my post today about the skids moving closer and previous blogs about SIL wanting to stay with us for YSD's graduation...

The guest bedroom has been overtaken with items for a yard sale that I will have sometime this spring/summer. Bed is covered with stuff, floor is covered and the closet is packed full.

The room is really in no state for any guests and especially ones with small children.


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Remember SIL has never confirmed the's just we may or may not come, we won't know until last minute, so just put everything on hold until the last minute on a busy holiday weekend.

DH is the one that keeps bringing me the stuff for the yard sale and putting it in the guest bedroom and telling me to get it yard sale ready.... BUT the guest bedroom does become the yard sale catch all after Christmas and moving forward until we have the actual sale. Yes I usually do a better job to keep it more organized, so that things can easily be rearranged in the event that a guest needs to stay. This time I haven't been as organized #1 because I am super busy with my son's wrestling and it's not a top priority and #2 because it benefits ME to not keep it organized right now

If DH is gung-ho on SIL staying then he can get the bedroom cleaned up for her stay. Not sure why I have to do it.

Don't forget we are probably going camping after YSD graduation anyways. So it's very unlikely that SIL is staying anyways.

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We have two guest rooms. One is available for acceptable guests. The other - well you can barely walk into it. I don't even have a garage sale excuse. That's just where I tossed everything to ready up the house for Christmas visitors. I can't seem to make myself go in there to sort it all out. Sad

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you evil evil woman... she's your SIL, you have to clear out your bedroom for her and her snow flakes to use..

you and DH can sleep in the storage room/car/garage where ever but this is your SIL }:)