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Ran into BM...

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It's been years since I have seen BM.

Remember how I posted that she moved in with her BF who lives a mile down the road from me? And I was paranoid about running into her? And everyone here is like it's very unlikely you will run into her...blah blah blah.... Blum 3

I live close to the Dollar General and BS and I walked there to get supplies to make slime. So we walk in and I kind of had an odd feeling when we walked in but we were on a mission to get our stuff and get out so I didn't think too much about it. So we grab our things and then leave.

Right away I noticed her in the parking lot. Well first I seen her BF, otherwise known as Brows. As in this man has a full blown uni-brow. They are loading their vehicle. (good to know what kind of vehicle to look out for now). She had her back turned towards me. I just kept walking like I didn't see her. But I could tell by the time she turned around that she noticed me. You know that feeling that someone is staring at you?

Then when they were leaving I could feel their car slowly drive past us. Like it was awkward and I was waiting for BS to turn and look and wonder why this car was driving by us like that. I didn't even want to make eye contact with her because BS was with me and I know she's nothing but trouble.

Funny thing, they had his 2 daughters (hope his daughters treat her like her daughters have treated me) with them. BM's kids have all aged out and now she has a BF with small kids that she had to deal with. }:)


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I hated living close to BM. I had to be alert at ALL times, anywhere we went. And yes...I ran in to her more times than I could count. It sucked.

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The town she moved from, it's actually a really nice town with great shopping and restaurants. So on the rare occasion I went there I would be on high alert. Funny thing is that same day I was eating lunch in her old town and told my mom I'm always on high alert when in X Town not wanting to run into BM and the skids but now BM and YSD live in my town and I have to worry about it still. OSD and MSD are still in the other town.

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This is my life right now. Small town, BM & her mom/SS's GBM too... yuk. Not gonna buy here, renting until SS is out.

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We live in a suburb of the capital of our state. Of all the places she could have found a boyfriend to live with and it's 1 mile from my house. Ugh!

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So glad I don't have to worry about this anymore. BM lived less than a mile from us for a few months. It was horrible.

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Any time I have to drive through 'Ho Town ('Ho lives on the main drag), I either go out of my way to go around the 'Ho House or drive by with my arm on the door and my fingers at the top of the window.

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The city she used to live in, I avoided it more then I wanted to. Sometimes I would have business there and I would always be looking over my shoulder. She moves from that town (but OSD and I think MSD still live there) and now I have to look over my shoulder in my town.