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A couple of things...and update to Ex's sister

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Update to my blog about Ex's sister coming to BS's wrestling tournament.

She ended up meeting us at the arena and everything went fine. BS was really happy to see her. DH didn't talk too much (He really never does) but he didn't make things uncomfortable. I invited her out to dinner with the group afterwards but she declined as she had a long drive home. She probably spent more time driving there and back then she did at the actual arena. When we all parted ways DH was polite and told her to drive safe and thanked her for coming. Super happy that it all worked out.

BS was sick the other day. I put him to bed and then headed to bed myself. DH was at a friends and came home later. When he came home, BS had gotten out of bed and was coughing and hacking. I could hear DH talking to him and I drifted back to sleep. The next morning BS told me that DH took really good care of him "Like a dad" and that it meant so much to him that DH was there for him when he was sick. (I just thought he was up coughing). I told BS "If you were that sick you should have woke me up" and he said "SF was taking care of me." It was really sweet. DH is very hard and tough and doesn't show a lot of affection to BS. (Or SS for that matter but different with me and girl skids).

YSD turns 18 in less then a week. And we have about 2 months until she ages out with graduation and CS is done!

Still not sure when BM is moving to our side of town or if she already has. If I remember correctly she moved into her apartment in April because it was the same month that DH moved into my apartment. (many years ago). So my guess is it will happen this month. I guess if there is an increase in visits from YSD and SS then I will know they have moved.

OSD goes to court next month for her second theft charge. I am really curious if they are going to hold her accountable or give her probation, even though she is already on probation (or was) for her first theft charge.

There is a court date for her and her DH's divorce. I will say that is good news that she is divorcing him. Since he is a druggie and abusive. I am actually really surprised, especially since she is pregnant with their 3rd kid. I thought for sure she would go back to him.

She has another court date next month for suing someone for like $78. Not sure the details around that but the defendant is a thief, sometimes homeless and drug user. Not sure if it was a friend??? or what...

Good on her divorcing her DH but I am really curious if she is going to get involved in the wrong crowd, she doesn't seem to make the smartest choices.

MSD got her LPN and I guess her and baby daddy #2 got an apartment. She often captions her FB posts "they hate it when we make it." Who hates it? You and your man are in your 20's with 3 kids between ya all- about time you got your own apartment and a job, etc. I will give her props though for getting her LPN and supposedly she is going for RN. She is book smart. She is still a mean twat though.


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I'm glad that worked out ok with DH for BS to see his aunt. And super-nice of her to do all the driving just to have time with BS!

So nice that DH could take care of BS like that. Sounds like he has a strong need to be in a protector role, so he steps up and shows affection to/takes care of women, female children, the ill and the elderly. Makes me think of a certain line of fairly bizarre erotic fiction.... (not to get creepy on you, lol)

Holy soap opera OSD! I truly hope those girl skids get their collective acts together and manage to pull off a half-way decent life for themselves.