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Yet another ASS update - OR - what did you say??

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So, Saturday afternoon, DH says to me, "ASS got in an accident this morning."  I ask for more information, you know, like, is he okay, what happened, blah blah blah.  

Turns out he was driving from Austin to Dallas to look for an apartment when he hit a patch of black ice on the freeway, spun out, hit a semi, and slammed into the median wall thing.  He is fine, airbags deployed, a few cuts and scratches, but otherwise fine. 

I ask if he has made arrangements for a rental, what's going on with the car, is he still gonna head to Dallas.  DH says, "get this - he said he was driving his girlfriend's car and that they think it is gonna be totalled.  They are in a hotel until they get her car thing figured out."   Uh, wut?!!!

ASS was superconfused, because he learned how to drive in Michigan, land of snow and ice.  What he didn't know was that his girlfriend's car was a Dodge Charger, rear wheel drive, something ASS knows nothing about. 

Thank goodness they were both unhurt and the only loss is the car.  

I guess there really is a lid for every pot, huh???


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ASS has a girlfriend.  It's a far cry from his angry duct tape days, isn't it?

Glad he's OK, would love an update on Karate Kid and Baby Voice.

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Yep, ASS has a girlfriend.  That boy has come a long way from his "freeedoooommmmmm" days, indeed Smile

KarateKid is fine.  He just changed his major, which means at least another semester at school for him....he turns 21 next month!!

BabyVoice headed off to college in the fall, only to return at Thanksgiving.  She decided to do her second semester virtually, so my empty nest is no longer empty :-(  

She is doing fine, seems to have come out of her shell, and has become a vegetarian, so there's that Smile

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I'm glad he's fine.  

Good to hear that the others are on an even keel too.

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The stubborn is still strong in ASS, isn't it? People are being advised to STAY HOME, even first responders are wiping out on the ice, but nobody tells him what to do, eh?

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his accident was Saturday, not yesterday.  At that point, it was okay to drive.  I never give that kid a pass, but I am here.  There was no snow on the freeway, they hit a small patch of black ice.

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I have a challenger. Most of the time, it's great to drive, but they suck in bad weather. The ass end always kicks out to the right & you slide. In heavy rain, it hydroplanes easily. He had no business being out in bad weather in that car & the girlfriend should have known better. Glad they are ok.

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as I said, the weather was not super terrible on Saturday, but yeah, this kid has always driven a front-wheel drive car and had no idea how rear-wheel drive cars react on black ice, or any ice, for that matter.   

As for the girlfriend, totally there with you!  I would assume that she would know how her car handles in inclement weather.  We are just glad that they are both okay.