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Long time no update - an ASS update is here!!

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When we last left off, ASS was  living in Austin, TX, working for Major Auto Company doing coding.    He was making a very decent salary.    That was last May.  

It will come as a surprise to no one that ASS and a big corporate structure weren't a good fit :-)  Mind you, ASS has been working remotely the entire time he has been in Austin, but he has found a new job in Dallas with a reasonably established start up - doing coding.  He has to pay back Major Auto Company about 6K of his moving/signing bonus, but his new salary will more than make up for that.

I am super glad that ASS has figured out life.  DH  will be heading to Austin at the end of the month to help ASS move to Dallas.  I don't want any interaction with ASS, but I am glad that he has figured out how the world works and how he fits in to it Smile

Oh, and I am now the Mimi to TWO adorable grand-daughters :-)  


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Congratulations on becoming a Mimi, how exciting!
As for A$$ it's good to hear he at least finally pulled his head out, at least a bit.
What about Babyvoice?

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BabyVoice is fine, she's doing her second semester of college remotely back at home.  My empty nest was very short lived - LOL.

KarateKid is doing great, too.  Living on campus, but attending classes remotely.  He has recently changed his major, so he will be on the 5 year plan Smile


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Congratulations on the grandbabies!!! Not that I want my kids to make me a grandma yet- but I am really looking forward to that part of life one day! Grandma's seem to have all the fun! LOL

Hopefully this new job will be what ASS is looking for. 

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so, my second grandaughter was born just before Covid, and I really haven't seen them that much.  It's a bit sad, but I am half vaccinated and get my second shot next weekend, so hopefully, I will be able to spend more time with them soon.  

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Honestly both Austin and Dallas are great cities. Find sometime just for you and your H if you can to enjoy time in Texas.  Make the best of it during this Covid 19 trip. Of course congrats to you with new grand child. Your family is growing!!!!! That is awesome.


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when I was a flight attendant, I lived in DFW off and on.  I prefer Austin, but Dallas/Fort Worth are good, too.   There are a couple of places I won't go during Covid, and Texas is one of them - lol!   

DH can go help ASS, that's fine.  I have no desire to see ASS, let alone set foot in Texas right now...

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Boy do I hear you on that one. Texas! But just remember your new grand baby coming and everything thing else doesn't matter.

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Enjoy being a new grandmother.

Good to hear from you

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Congrats Granny!! My daughter loves Austin. I wish she'd move closer to home. Sad

Glad A$$ is staying independent and not moving home.

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Great to hear from you, WOB. 

No surprise ASS wasn't a good fit with Major Auto Company. I'm pretty sure there's a poster for ODD with his picture on it somewhere. The thing is, he'd better get a handle on himself now, before his resume is filled with short term jobs and he gets a bad rep in his chosen industry.

Congrats on life on the other side, Mimi!

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Yeah, and I did bring that point up to DH - that no one really likes a  job hopper, but his generation seems to do that?  DH did talk to ASS about staying in one place  long enough, and it sounds like ASS understands.  Honestly, I am proud of him for taking the Major Auto Company job in the first place.  I think he will do much better in a smaller environment.  

How are YOU??

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Tripping the light fantastic over here. Life is calm post-disengagement, with nary a money grubbing SD in sight. One of my DH's sisters recently passed away, but aside from that, The Coven has left us alone. You know I fought damn hard for peace, and life on the other side is absolutely worth it.