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Thing2 Update...

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 Thing2  got a job as a Vaccine Scientist at a lab in  VA.    We found an apartment for him yesterday and we will head out on June 14th.    Luckily, there isn't much to move, as he can literally put his life in one very large suitcase, one carryon size suitcase and two duffel bags Smile

Once we get there, he has to buy a car, furnish the apartment and learn his way around town.  I will stay for a few days to help him get set up and then I think Asshat is going to go see him.  He starts his job on the 29th.

He is super excited, though he wanted a little more money (the salary is more than adequate).  I am relieved that in this weird employment market he was able to find work at all.  He must have applied to 60-70 jobs in the two months that he has been home.  Had three interviews before this one.  For this job, he submitted the application on a Monday, got the screening call on Tuesday, interviewed on Wednesday and got the offer on Friday. 

I am thrilled he's found work in his field, but I will miss the hell out of him.   

All three of mine sucessfully launched :-)   


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Vaccine Scientist seems like a job that would be in HIGH DEMAND right now. I hope he is careful and protects his health. Congrats to him and to you as his mom!! You done good.

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you would think, but with all things economy related, many labs/hospitals/pharma companies are working with what the staff they have and not adding new staff out of an abundanc of caution.  

He actually applied to a different job with this company in a different division, but after the initial screening interview, they decided to find a spot for him in the vaccines division Smile

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I'm sure you have already done this but don't forget to check into any state and local pandemic orders.  I'm nowhere near VA but I've heard of some restrictions from others, those near VA/MD/WV borders.

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I live in Maryland and any restrictions are pretty much lifted. I've passed into both WV and VA without issue. No one will stop you at the border. Biggrin if you're just passing through - it's really no big deal. Just be aware of each state's stage of "re-opening." We are at our stage 2 which means most businesses are open abd places open to the public are at 50% capacity, masks and social distancing. You may have your temperature check at very few places. 

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yeah, most of Virginia is like Maryland.  Richmond, where he will be, and the "northern counties (whatever that means) are just moving into phase 2, which is like what you describe.   I live in Michigan, and I totally support our Governor and her orders, so I am used to pretty much nothing being open.  VA will seem like a dream - lol!

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Northern counties mean in the mountains lol.  Beautiful country though if he is into camping and the outdoors.

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But no the northern counties are like from as north east as Alexandria (right outside Washington DC) to as north west as Ashburn (developed new area) to as south as Stafford, VA. It is all highly populated, quite a bit of it is city, but since it is so densely populated is why we have so many cases of Covid just like Richmond and we are only on phase I and have no idea when we will move to phase II while the rest of the state moved to phase II today because they have hardly any case compared to the northern counties and Richmond 

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WV is much more open than MD or VA and that is what made me think of it.  We have a camp on the MD/WV border and people were talking about how much worse it still was just a few miles away.

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Most of Virginia is more open than Michigan, and it looks like by the time we get there, things will be open with the usual restrictions.  I am going to hit up the first nail salon I can find!!  


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specifically Northern VA and I have family in Richmond, those two areas are actually still in Phase I, the rest of VA is moving to Phase II I think today, so we have another week at least till we go to Phase II. The only big thing to know which is the same in other states is you must wear a face mask or face covering to enter any stores, etc. It is not law, but majority of stores/places will not let you in if you do not have one. Other than that, there is nothing really big to know! 

Nail salons are open with if you have an appointment! I need to get there myself, but I am waiting until we are finished cleaning/emptying my apartment which is next weekend, then it is time for some pretty nails again!

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That sounds like some very serious work, but it also sounds like he is ready for it too.

How exciting to be starting out so fresh...

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Very cool!!! I love a good Skid launch into the real world story- and I love that he got a job in his field! More money will come with time and experience :) 

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Good job getting them all successfully launched!

My sister took a job out of college where she thought the pay wasn't enough, but figured a bird in the hand.  She tried negotiating, but they wouldn't budge.  Within 5 months of starting she was a proven commodity and got a 20% raise.  After 3 years she's been promoted and her salary is up 60%.  Sometimes entry level salaries aren't great, but you can prove yourself and get good raises.

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and from the reviews on this lab, that's exactly what happens.  He's brilliant, he's a hard worker and he's dedicated to his field.  He will be fine Smile

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Well done to Thing2.  The hard work he's put into getting his first job will be useful for the rest of his working life.

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Congratulations WOB.

I am thrilled for you all.

Thank you for sharing your sons Update.

 He has a very promising future ahead of him.