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Another long overdue ASS update...

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When we last left off, ASS had gotten a job offer from AutoMaker 1 here in Michigan and accepted it.  Then, he decided he maybe didn't want that job afterall, so he continued looking for another job - something he was not really allowed to do and agreed to not do  as part of his university's recruiting process.   Long story short, he got another offer from AutoMaker 2, which was for less money, but was more suited to him, AND was in Texas. 

So, the day I thought would never come is here - ASS is out on his own, with a great job in Austin, Texas :-)  
He and DH flew down last week.    AutoMaker 2 shipped ASS's stuff and car as part of his relocation package and it arrived the day after they did.  Since they were  in Texas, they could buy stuff and DH even got  a haircut - which he desperately needed Smile

ASS's apartment is quite lovely, they spent three days shopping and buying stuff for the apartment and DH reports that ASS is super-excited about the apartment.  

Some of you have been on this journey with me since 2010!  It's been a looooooooooooong time coming.  

Ladies and gents,  the impossible CAN happen.  


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Yay!!  Im so glad.  And I have to admit....I really thought the SD would give you a run for your money.  lol.  Glad it does not seem that way.  

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she is a really good kid, to be honest.  She's a little odd, and very softspoken and timid, but she is just fine...she'll be off to college in the fall, assuming colleges can figure out the dorm situation thanks to COVID-19.

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Congrats!! My DD26 is in Austin, but I assume ASS would be too young for her. If she runs into a guy much younger, I may have to message you to make sure it's not ASS. LOL