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Can't Wait To Hear About ASS Getting "the LIST" --Update Needed

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I know Walkonby is not feeling well with dental problems and all but I am on pins and needles waiting for ASS's reaction to "the LIST."


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IKR!!!! i may not get to read 'til mon. tho', as i only STalk from work }:)

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Yeah I don't do STalk on weekends, but maybe an exception as I'll be working a few hours tomorrow. . .

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Hi ladies-while I am feeling like shit, I did manage to work on the list with DH last night. The two of us edited it today and emailed it back and forth to each other.

I suggested that we give it to him tonight, but DH reminded me of something that therapist said. When we met with her on Wednesday, she suggested that we wait a little while longer to see if ASS brings it up himself. Her theory, and I agree, is that it should demonstrate his level of commitment to this process.

I have maintained all along that he is merely walking the walk and that when push comes to shove he will not agree to anything on the list.

I am texting DH right now trying to figure out how long we wait until we just shove it in his face. Since I have been home all week, I have found some more of ASS'S in which he writes that he gets to make a list of expectations for us.

Um, no little boy, it's not a two-way street.

Don't worry-the minute he gets his filthy little hands on the list, I will be sure to let you won't know what his reaction is Smile

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LOL!!! oh that is too good. sounds like she's got dh's number and is gonna kind of humor him so dh ends up with egg on his face. oh yes, give ASS more than ample opportunity to bring it up. let him "demonstrate his level of commitment". she's being sooo accommodating - brilliant!

maybe this'll be what dh needs to see for himself without you trying to show him. i know u've mentioned small moments of realization and he does admit to what ASS really is. but maybe this'll be the final step for him to get motivated to take more action. *fingers crossed*