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Does anyone else get really annoyed by how your teen skids talk?

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Just a quick, small vent.

I cringe and hate it when my SD16 (going on 17) starts talking or telling us some story. It's like...she's trying to sound hip and way cooler than she is, and it's just nails on a chalkboard for me.

It's all clipped and slangy and unnatural for her like: "So. Dad. I saw this hella cute guy at work todaaayyy...and I was like, on point..."

Again. I know it's absurd but it just grates on my last nerve.

Anyone else with teen skids have this issue? Why is it so irritating when they talk? Or is it just me?


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SD19 never really did that but SS18 does the gangsta wanna be talk and text... hey bruh, get at me aye (you have to draw it all out and make it sound like you just smoked a pound of dope when you say it) makes me want to punch someone.

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I have a teen kid that talks like that and it grates on my nerves. Even my 19yo son tells her stop talking like you have no education.

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My SS was playing a board game with his grandma and sister a few weeks ago. Something happened and he said they were "triggering" him. I don't think grandma knows what that means. I just left the room and laughed.

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Jawn is used as a noun. It can mean anything from a car to a cloud in the sky.
I know all about that jawn. LOL!

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She most likely heard someone else say it and they got attention for it. SS did that when he was younger too and nip that in the bud really quick!

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So me and my brother called peanut butter "penus butter" for the longest time. I don't know how my parents kept a straight face. I was mortified along the time I figured out what that word was.

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"Me and my squad."

This is my 14-year-old niece's thing, meaning her friends.

"Me and my squad are hangin' out."

"The squad loooooves Starbucks."

(eye roll)


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My DD13 call her friends "the squad." It's kinda cute. Honestly I'm glad she has a big group to call the squad because she's very shy and quiet.

One of the kids I work with says "fam" all the time. It's annoying but funny. It's almost like his trademark, it's just him. He's loud and obnoxious but we're all used to it.

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She also does:


And DH does nothing / acts like it's normal. I would never have used that kind of language in front of my parents at her age. So weird.

I guess the main thing I hate is her just acting like she's so dang cool.

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OMG. BM-speak. This is a 40-year-old woman who's whiter than white. "So, like, me an' my boooooiiiizzzzz...we goin' up the skate park afta' schoo...aaah-ight? That'll be hella dope."

Yo, chick, you were raised in the 'burbs. You went to Vanilla High. Stop trying to be street. The had the skids doing it all the time too. "Yo, homes...we be illin', yo."

And for GOD'S SAKE...STOP with the duck face!

Thank God we don't have to deal with this freak anymore. Want to lose your appetite? Have a skid come home from school and show you a picture of himself, his brother, BM and her hubby all doing duck face.

:sick: :sick:

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SS14 will try to tell a story but every other word is "like". DH and I can't stand that so we just start saying like, like, like every time he says like. Takes him a long time to get the story out.

I work with a 30 something lady who says like all the time. Our boss finally told her its unprofessional and the customers are complaining.

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Oh yeah. Ya'll are "triggering" me with a bunch more words I despise coming from SDs lips. I almost forgot "Boyz" and "Bruh"

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SS says bruh. Disgusting. BM's mid 30's boyfriend who dresses and acts like Justin Bieber loves to say bruh - that is where he got it.

SD says literally, literally every 5 seconds.

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Oh yeah.

Bae used to be big w/SD but she's dropped thank Dog.

Cray still comes out from time to time.

And...I forgot! "Bish" for "B****"


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I love the meme "Bae?? I don't have a Bae, I don't speak Section 8"

and I almost forgot about fleek. "My eyebrows are on fleek".

No. Just no.

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Cash me outside... how bow dah

My SD's weren't all that bad though I did with all seriousness ask my YSD WTH "FLEEK" meant and why did it apply to eyebrows!

Actually, my YSD is dating a guy and I hate the tone of his voice. It's just a bit grating... semi nasally semi pretentious.. not sure how to describe it.

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They couldn't give me the origin of the word. I think it means looking really good.

On point = on fleek.

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My daughter hates when I say on fleek . I think it's a stupid expression but I like to annoy her by using it. It's a quick way to get her to leave the room if I need it.

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Oh geez.

The few times my (now adult) son pulled this lingo I did a few things: I either reciprocated this lingo, loudly and in public, which embarressed the holy hell out of him, or informed him that mirroring Justin Bieber speak probably wouldn't go over well with the ladies, or reminded him of his HOA whitebread living existence and to quit acting-a-fool.

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I don't know just a saying in my area?? when the kids answer the phone they answer "What Happened" drives me crazy because I only use that phase when asking about in accident or some incident?

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Yessss!! It drives me up the flipping wall!

One of them starts every sentence with a "weeeellllll" and uses "like" as every third word. I once counted 127 "likes" in a 7 minute conversation with her dad. And the other is super nasally and just does not pronunciate - sounds like she has a mouth full of S%&t. I have to walk away.... far away....

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I have a few younger friends that talk with vocal fry in conjunction with the word like, and UM inserted in as many places of a sentence as possible. Ummm, it like makes me like, want to slap the shi* out of them. Blum 3

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SD11 is CONSTANTLY talking, and she can take an HOUR to say 'I saw Nana today' because her statement is always full of "Hey Peri, guess what? Guess who I saw. You know how I told you about that thing three weeks ago with the other thing? Guess how much I'm excited to tell you...*55 minutes of the exact same words rearranged in new order* can you guess what I'm about to tell you? The thing is that I totally saw Nana today! You didn't guess, haha!"

I want to pierce my own eardrums just to make it stop!

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I never allowed it, not slang nothing, if Deigma started telling a story I would stop him and say...

Speak correctly , formulate your story ahead and get to the point.... slang and mixed languages, I simply said, Pardon me are you stupid? I do not care how he talk to his friends, but in my house... different story

Aergia.... I will simply tell her, your language young lady and no need to scream over the phone, neighbors are not interested in your disgusting language...

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Oh yes. The loudness, too. She gets excited about something with her brother or her friends and she's literally yelling...

So weird.

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Oh yes. The loudness, too. She gets excited about something with her brother or her friends and she's literally yelling...

So weird.

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Oh yes. The loudness, too. She gets excited about something with her brother or her friends and she's literally yelling...

So weird.

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Oh yes. The loudness, too. She gets excited about something with her brother or her friends and she's literally yelling...

So weird.

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My sd17 does this thing where if the answer to something is "yes" she says in a very short, clipped fashion, "yih." It's almost not even a fully formed syllable. She will even type it as "ye" when responding via text.

It's her way of letting you know you don't deserve as much of her time as it takes to say a real word mixed with 'i'm-so-cool.

Very irritating.

She tried a lot of words to be obsessed with over the years. When I met her at 12 the word was "donkey." Everything and everyone was donkey. Does that get old real fast? Yih.

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Yup! All 3 say stuff that grates on nerves. SS will exaggerate like his mom though!