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COC hearing and Hood rat stuff

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Today was the virtual "Scheduling hearing" for Contempt Of Court, which we thought was just a way for the Judge to dismiss DH's COC filing. Turns out, not quite. 

- Initially, DH was supposed to get a call saying the COC paperwork was ready, which he would then take to the Sheriff's Office for them to serve Crazy. We assumed this wasn't happening since DH never got a call, and this scheduling hearing was the replacement for this. Apparently they just never called DH, but the paperwork is ready, so he has to go pick it up and take it to the SO to serve Crazy. Which, yay! But also, Crazy was in this hearing today, so now she knows she's being served, and the wind has been taken out of our sails a bit. We wanted to picture her face being served when she was so sure DH wouldn't file. 

- DH also filed for mediation, which is happening later this month- so today's hearing was really to say that the Judge wants to see how mediation goes, and then if DH still wants to go through with COC hearing, they will (spoiler alert, DH does- this dumb box isn't going to change her ways unless something happens, and the issue is she doesn't adhere to any of the rules that are set in place). The judge set a COC hearing date for April 10th. 

- Crazy said in today's hearing "I was also thinking about filing for COC". *Eyeroll*.  1. She doesn't even know what COC is. DH hasn't been in COC. 2. Even if she figured it out, you have to show proof of COC, which she can't, because DH HASN'T BEEN IN CONTEMPT. She will say things like "SS16 shouldn't have to take SD's medical supplies from one house to another. That's your job as a father. Since the CO doesn't say that SS is the one who should do it, you are in Contempt". The CO doesn't mention taking the medical supplies between houses at all, so no you f'ng idiot, that isn't Contempt.The point is to avoid contact as much as possible. 

In other news, I overheard Crazy telling SD that Crazy's older daughter who is 23, is staying at their house. She shall be dubbed Hoodrat, because this girl is about as low as they come. Her dad is in prison, but DH was in her life since she was a toddler. Crazy couldn't parent her so she went to live with Crazy's sister when she was 14. In high school, Hoodrat was fired fr om a job for stealing. She was caught in DH's parents house stealing money from them a few years ago. Even after that, DH's mom tried to help her and bought her groceries, but Hoodrat "didn't want groceries", she wanted $. Which DH's mom refused to give her. DH and his family did so much for this girl, and all she did was use them to get things. When I met DH, she would barely talk to him except to ask for a cellphone and a gym membership- he gave her a cellphone and signed her up for the gym in the hopes it would help her get on a better path, but ended up on the hook paying for TWO YEARS of a gym membership that she NEVER used. Recently, Hoodrat was in jail for stealing from Wal-Mart. She has no job or car. Has repeatedly stopped showing up for a job that Crazy got her at her work, so she lost the job (TWICE). Just refuses to hold a job. She stole a hoodie from SS16 a few months ago. Hoodrat's wife of approx. 1 yr up and moved out. Most of Hoodrat's teeth fell out as a teen from lack of care. The list goes on.  Anyway, Hoodrat and Crazy were facetiming SD on Fri and I heard Hoodrat tell SD that Crazy said she could stay for 3 months. SD started asking about Hoodrat getting a job, giving suggestions on where she could work. lol. SD is 13 and more of an adult than Hoodrat.

DH asked SS about Hoodrat staying, but SS had no idea she was even staying there. SS isn't a fan of Hoodrat since she stole his hoodie, and there is enough drama between SS and Crazy without Hoodrat being there, so this should be great... 



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Me too Rags! I wanted to be there yesterday but sounds like I didn't miss anything. I am not going to miss this COC hearing!

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And Crazy has the nerve to criticize our parenting! You do know that you raised a wannabe thug and compulsive thief, right?? 

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It sounds like the process is rolling, hopefully it will move swiftly and BM will have some sort of accountability!