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Contempt of court, then what?

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So his Ex has violated everything she can possibly violate in the decree this year. My H and I want to file Contempt of Court on her now that her W2 is available. She makes double what we do together. Problem is, what the hell for? So we file COC and then ask the judge for what? Kids live out of state and he gets them 1/2 holidays, at least 4 visits a year and 2 months in the summer and webcam twice a week. What's the point in filing COC if you have nothing to ask the judge for to compensate for the COC? Ugh!

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What has she violated in the decree? Is she withholding visitation or contact? That's it then.

If I were you, now that the financial numbers are out, I'd take a look at the CS your H is paying. Is it fair? Is it too much? Is he paying for everything and getting nothing?

Our BM lost her job 4 1/2 months ago, and I think she'll eventually drag DH back to court. If she does, we're getting a bulldog lawyer who will make sure it's FAIR and we'll start from the ground up. 8 years ago, DH got slapped with 30% of his gross pay, medical and dental insurance, (she doesn't use the dental because there's a copay that she would have to pay, and won't) and all transportation costs - which is airfare 2-3 times a year, or driving 2000 round trip. I want to make sure that they calculate BM's income according to her past income, and that insurance and transportation costs are credited to DH. Otherwise, I suspect his CS would double.