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A Christmas miracle

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I posted recently about how I was absolutely fuming that DH made a clusterf*ck of the Right of First Refusal for our upcoming trip overseas to close on our new vacation home. He insisted on switching days with Crazy even though this trip does not meet the requirements for ROFR, she is nuts and SD comes back PAS'd all the time, and it's not even worded as a switch in the CO! So now we are stuck with making up the days, when they could have just spent a few days at their grandparents. It turned into a fight between DH and I, again, and a fight with Crazy. It's just all so avoidable if he would stop being a dictator and take the time to come up with a compromise with him and I BEFORE he involves that dumb c*nt. 

Anyway. We now get them 2 days early this week, and then they come on a FRIDAY in May instead of a Monday. So they will be with us 10 days instead of 7, and I honestly have just been trying to figure out how I'm going to make it through 10 days of 2 teens who are nonstop drama and a DH who is afraid to give a 16yr old consequences. Dreading it with every bone in my body. 

Then today- my boss sent out a meeting invite for me to come to CA for work for a week at the end of May- which happens to be during the 10 day stretch we have skids. They come Friday, I need to be there Monday, so I will either leave Sun or Mon. I was just there a few weeks ago, so this is completely out of the blue, and the reason is to say goodbye to someone who is retiring (from a completely different company that we have just done business with for a long time). Basically a boondoggle. I started to wonder if this was something I would actually be allowed to travel there for and I was just included on the invite as an "FYI", when my boss messaged me that I should travel there that week, and then reiterated it again in a meeting and said we all need to "make it a priority" to be there. Trust me, you do not have to tell me twice!!  *yahoo*

That leaves a few days I will see them before and after my trip. Sorry not sorry DH, you can deal with this crap yourself. 



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HUZZAH!!!! Congratulations. What a stroke of luck. Maybe you should get a lottery ticket today!

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Here's your sign!!! Leaving DH to deal is his job not yours. I'd go on Sunday.  

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Currently flight shopping for Sunday, although also looking at Sat :) 

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Friday is a better day! 

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Because I really need to "learn" my get around quick and safe. Then settle in and get relaxied. And why not find a few fun things to do that I can't do back home. Oh yeah....I'd leave a few days early and stay a few days know, like 10 days. LOL

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Definitely leaving Sunday, possibly even Sat. Lol. You know, so I can learn my way around a city I used to live in   *biggrin*

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Love it! See the Karma bus does come around, you get the good stuff and a business trip to get the hell out of there and your DH has to deal with the fall out of his choices! 

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Hooray for the Karma bus!  *clapping*  Enjoy the 10 days that you insisted on switching for DH! 

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Glad the universe was listening when we all told you to go out of town. Enjoy your work-cation. Don't forget to tell DH "I told you so" everytime he complains to you. 

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A Christmas Miracle!  Enjoy yourself!

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Oh joy! This is easily the best thing I have read all day! WOOHOO! Please do your best to extend it on both ends of the week so that the stay completely covers the skids' visitation. Poetic justice in all its glory!

And if yoiur husband calls you while you're there, remind him that they are his kids and that HE went out of his way to spend more time with them. And try not to snigger as you say it Smile

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I seriously cannot believe my luck. lol. Every time I think of it I breathe a huge sigh of relief and feel a weight lifted. 

*Happy dance* 

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"I'd love to hear (some major drama/disaster with ferals) but I've gotta get back to work!"

Hope H has fun with unilateral world!