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"Why Are They Still Sending Me Stuff??!"

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sayeth Chef about the school district sending paperwork on the House Shitter, aka YSS 16.5.   Every other week it seemed there was a report that YSS was truant, that YSS was being defiant and disobedient (shocker) that YSS is crater failing in epic proportions.

YSS and his older siblings have been completely PASed out--will be 11 years for the older ones, 10 years this September for the House Shitter.  School still has an obligation to send this stuff--as far as I know, Chef's parental rights haven't been terminated--I can tell by the CS we are still sending to the Girhippo every week.

Chef did make an attempt in the early years to go to all the school meetings and conferences where he was told (by chums and peers of the Girhippo--all her contemporaries) that his opinion was not welcome nor did it count and that the CP had the final ruling in everything.  The entire administration bought her sob story of the eeeeeeevvvvvvil ex husband and eeeeeevvvvvil SM.

Frankly every time the school sends one of their love letters, I feel a sense of validation. I had warned, and warned and WARNED and WARNED Chef not to disney/guilt parent from the GET GO and not to play along into the Gir clan's hands and give her all the power.  But he never listened. 

And therefore the chickens have come home to roost.  Oh he tried laying down a SPECK of rules but it was a day late and a dollar short which resulted in INSTANT PASification.  Mostly due to the fact that the Gir 'n' Clan were jamming the PAS down all three ferals' throats since DAY ONE of the breakup 24/7 and they, like obedient zombies, beer bonged it all.

Score card:

Pumpkinhead (should be POThead) stb 23 working part time in a LOOOWW end grocery store (same one that Little Idiot quit/got fired from)--no career in site

Animal Torturer stb 21 working part time in a furniture store and mooching off of god knows who (probably Battleaxe Galactica if the truth were known--BM's BM)

House Shitter 16.5  chronically truant and epically failing school; I fear he will turn out the worst of them all--if that is even POSSIBLE!  He does look good in orange though being an extreme ginger.