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Just How DID

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The Girhippo get YSS 15.5 relieved of summer school after failing 3 major subjects?  The clan went on a 3 week holiday at the Outer Banks with the Gir's old married couple friends when she was married to Chef.  OSS stb 22, SD stb 20 (both somehow got out of work for 3 weeks) and YSS went happily skipping along with "the fam."

Will never ever understand the enmeshment!  I was only too happy to get out on my own at age just turned 18 and experience the world for myself.  Yes I had some speed bumps and outright mistakes along the way but that is all what we call "life experience."  This living in your mother's womb well into your twenties and thirties baffles me.

Of course Battleaxe Gallactica (Gir's BM) never cut her umbilical cord which is firmly still in place, either.


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Dysfunctional and enmeshed families have to stick together to perpetrate their toxic dynamic. They feed off each other and validate each other that their crazy, toxic lifestyle is what’s normal and everyone else is messed up.

my family of origin is like this. They’ve been out of my life for 23 years and I’m glad.