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Is there something in the water?

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In Girhippoville?  Seems that every time Chef gets a customer in that general vicinity, they do something idiotic or turn out to be bad customers!  For example, one client that lives within a stone's throw of the Girhippo herself, is on a payment agreement and "accidentally" entered a wrong account on the March payment via a Quickbook link. 

Of course Quickbooks views this as a chargeback as there was nothing in that account and dinged Chef's biz a $10 fee.   Yes anyone COULD make this mistake but he made another mistake the month before sending in the incorrect amount which caused Quickbooks to go nuts.

Not sure if there is meth in the water in Podunk NY but it sure seems like it.   Of course the northern part of the county that the Girhippo lives in is white trash nation teeming with HCGUBMs  for sure.