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O/T I Asked for a Raise and Possible Title Change

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Seeing that I have a LOT more responsibility now at work since taking on Retired Dude's work.   Management didn't sit down with Retired Dude when he announced his retirement (he and his former wife/former employee were basically SILOs) and have him document all of his duties.  I have had SEVERAL surprises.  That and the fact that the servers he managed basically went unpatched for years.  

Now we are in catch  up mode and I've had to reverse engineer some of the stuff behind the scenes to understand how it functions.  There are a lot of "script pointing to a script pointing to another script pointing to yet another script" crap going on under the hood.  I've had to hit the ground running and unravel this ball of christmas lights.  

It went well and my manager's manager (the CIO) is going to plead my case next month before the board.

Meanwhile Mrs. Headlights continues to screw up and offload all her work onto the new guy as well as my direct manager (who doesn't seem to mind but is also burning out).  Mrs. Headlights resolves this by taking a few days off of work every other week allowing the manager and the new guy to catch up all of her work for her.

Nice work if you can get it....


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unpatched.........for YEARS!!?? That would be a huge, HUGE no no in my field. Does the network these servers exist on touch the Internet? I'm going to guess that they do. I hope you have a very tight perimeter. Zoiks!!

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Our sys admin who is usually very vigilant but overworked put me in charge of WSUS and told me specifically not to patch the servers.  I was only patching the workstations and i had a rule set up to push critical and security patches.  They let Retired Dude be autonomous sadly as the software that runs on those servers are ANCIENT.  Been with that vendor since 1997.    So I saw patches from 2017 when I logged on.  

I am tasked with getting every thing up to speed now.

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Legacy OSes - I hope they are isolated on the network. That's a big liability. Sandbox that sh*t.

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Well not tooooo Legacy but Server 2008 R2  we are spinning up some VMs with Server 2019 on it