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O/T Work Vent--Mrs. Headlights Strikes Again

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So late on Friday apparently Mrs. Headlights couldn't get the boss to do 100% of her work.  The boss fobbed her off and told her to ask my cubicle mate how to do a certain procedure.

Now mind you I have been doing this procedure which is very tedious before my cubicle mate, a younger worker not yet 30, came into the fray.  I taught him how to fix this problem but now this is supposed to be Mrs. Headlights' dept.

After my cubicle mate explained that this is a tedious procedure, he started to offer to do the work for her and that's when I stepped in.

I immediately explained that she would have to copy the settings from a working receipt printer's software on every single Tab and there are about six of them.

Mrs. Headlights immediately shot daggers at me with her eyes because she was just about to get my cubicle mate to do the work for her.

She left our office pissed off and then immediately proceeded to take Monday off in hopes that someone else would do the work for her.

I think someone posted about their skid constantly saying "I forgot," well this is one of Mrs. Headlights favorite sayings when she royally screws up the little tiny bit of work that she is assigned that is supposedly foolproof.

As a side note I am good friends with the administrative assistant that she and the boss pushed out to another department.  They did not like it that she was too efficient and now the wheels have fallen off of our department.

I met with our old Administrative Assistant for lunch the other day and as luck would have it Mrs. Headlights' daughter is interning in her department and apparently doing a terrible job of it. 

I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as Mrs. Headlights' daughter is completely useless, slow and just plain dumb according to our old Administrative Assistant. 

Not surprising because Mrs. Headlights never had to use her brain to climb the corporate ladder if you know what I mean and also taught her daughter similar tactics  whilst helicoptering and being enmeshed with her.

And no, Mrs. Headlights' daughter does not have the same attributes as her mother...she is about 5 foot 6 and reed thin with a mannish style.  Fortunately she does NOT have her mother's face (nor her Dad's but I digress)

Blum 3

Our old administrative assistant is retiring next week and I will sadly miss her I missed her when she left our department.  She was extremely efficient and kept our department running like a top.  It's a shame our boss can't see past a woman's chest.


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I love that you intervened before your poor hapless cubicle mate could do Ms Headlights’ work for her! Hilarious that she was so miffed she played hookey the following Monday. I do hope the work was still waiting for her when she finally deigned to show up again. 

The Admin Assistant sounds like smart lady! And a lucky one to be getting out of there!

My only quibble with this post; where are those patented thinkthrice hilarious nicknames for Cubicle  Mate, Boss, and Admin Assistant?? Don’t let us down!

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Hiya TT. Yuck to work drama.

Does your office not have a dress code? We are not allowed to wear risqué clothing where I work, as its grounds for reprimand or termination. I truly enjoy not having to worry about being caught off guard by a pair of wrinkly boobs, tattooed young boobs, or cellulite legs - all of which cause me to lose respect for a person if shown in an office setting.

The fact that Mrs. Headlights (great name lol!) is not only able to get away with her slutty attire, but also her cattiness in addition to getting her child hired, means that she definitely has some sort of pull... which means your toxic work environment isn’t about to change anytime soon.

Are you able to find a comparable job in a less toxic environment?

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Actually counting down to retirement I will have 20 years in the retirement system in 1 year and 7 months

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TT, do youthink  it would be worth it to point out Mrs. Headlight"s scam to your cubicle mate? Or is he the type who would think you're just jealous and catty?

I mean, it would be epic if you could slowly guide the other workers in your dept towards recognizing that Mrs H is making more work for everyone.

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But because she is so inept it is faster to do it yourself and he knows that.  Not sure which is worse:   Mrs. Headlights suddenly showing up in your office asking inane questions for hours on end, then not paying any attention or taking notes


Doing her work for her

The boss who is completely enamored by her physical attributes is now starting to get sick of doing all her work for her.  If she does do her work it is completely shitty and half-assed because she doesn't know what she is doing DESPITE documentation on how to do stuff that she just ignores or does the classic "Oops!" or "I forgot."

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-She deleted $10,000 worth of equipment out of inventory because she couldn't bother finding it

-She labeled thousands of dollars of equipment as sent to recycling even though it wasn't because once again she couldn't bother finding it.

-She wrongly assigns Every.Single.Ticket

-She messed up the office Christmas party plans 3 times in a row--she waited till the last minute to make the plans and everything was booked, she made reservations at the wrong place and gave us the wrong info--I could go on and on

-She was supposed to track our safe driving courses that we are supposed to take every two years.  She didn't and all of our courses lapsed.  We drive our personal vehicles for work throughout the county and deliver equipment.

-She took two days setting up dual monitors and still couldn't get it right so had to call others to bail her out

- She had no clue that uninstalling and reinstalling a program can fix it.

-She left a user without the ability to print

-She was specifically told not to install anti virus on a computer to be imaged/sysprepped.  She had the written instructions not to put it on and yet she did saying oops I forgot.

- She wandered around for an entire week asking questions about stuff that is clearly documented