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I Wasn't That Far Off

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Back to the beginning of the school year predictions:

I had projected using mathematical equations that YSS 16.5 would rack up 16 disciplinary referrals during the 10th grade.

The actual number?  19*

I also had predicted 77 lates/skips

The actual number?  66*

Not bad  Kind of wild because my calculation of actual referrals was 16  percent UNDER the actual number whereas my calculation of actual late/skips was OVER the actual number by 16 percent  both ways.  Now that's an algorthym.  I'm no math whiz certainly (my son is though) but now I know there's a 16 percent over/under (not in the strictest terms for all you math wonks out there)

Queue eery music!

He has two more years to go!  I'm sure they will not run him through summer school on his final year.  They stopped trying at that point with OSS and SD so I'm sure the school district will follow suit.


*I believe these are the final numbers as Regents/Local exams are next week AND the last referral he got for skipping detention notes:  School year ended before Detention Referral was dealt with


Again, Great Job MOTY Girhippo!!





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Is this the one who's planning on being a rock star?  Who needs to be on time for class when he has that in his future.  

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who is now working part time on a relative's food truck, and doing drugs the rest of the time whilst living with his GF who has a real job and her mother.

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Oops.  My bad.  It's been hard to keep track of which one of your SS's is The Biggest Loser.  

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send YSS but he didn't even have the attention span for that!

And now that CS is down to an absolute minimum there's no way they are going to waste money on that camp.  He will just sit at home amusing himself.

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Just make sure this youngest skid never, ever is allowed to live in your home. I know all the skids are currently alienated, but YSS might try throwing a curve ball. You never know what could happen after he ages out of daycare *cough cough* I mean high school.