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How Do You Fail Remote Gym?

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Apparently you can.  HousesHitter (YSS 18) just got a referral for skipping remote gym four times in a row 

No words.


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With this remote learning, I find that SKs are able to reach new heights of laziness. 

You have to give them credit, if you"re going to do something, do it big!!!

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HAHAHA, yes you can fail PE but not at our school. On zoom,1/3 are working out with me, 1/3 have their cameras off (acceptable at our school) and 1/3 are laying in bed still, or eating while staring at us. The parents or gparents sit and watch as well. I hope we can go back to live school soon.

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Would be the category of laying in bed after a grueling vid game and snacking all nighter.