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The HousesHitter (YSS stb 18) was marked absent yesterday from the first day of school (remote session).  He is supposed to be remote "learning" M-W and in school T-F.  

Why am I not surprised at this?  Way to go Girhippo!!


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I'm worried for the future of this country when you only have to ENROLL to get credit for actually showing up and learning something. I also feel badly for the students who really TRY.

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They don't have to pass someone who does no work and doesn't show up. They choose to. 

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That's crazy. The only way to not get in trouble in out district right now (we are 100% online) is to have proof that you have contacted tech support with an issue or if you are one of the few that have not received a laptop from the school yet.

They aren't playing around with distance learning this year.

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GWR is currently failing his online classes..due to not logging in and doing the work.   We are only 2 weeks in.....wooho..way to go Beaver such good parenting.  smh...  Our district is currently all remote for another week and then it will be hybrid...oh joy.

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Lol SS13 and SS12 were late yesterday to go downstairs and turn on the computer, they overslept and couldn't make it by 8:12

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My SS was expelled from school before March this past school year but was passed through to the next grade for this current school year.

My stepdaughters were truant for 2 years even though their mom paid them $100 each to go to school. She would take the boy b/c he is a life drainer to school everyday but kept the girls home to hang out with her.

Its all a joke.

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On the first day? I can't even imagine working so hard for nine months to grow a slug, but it appears GIR did it.