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Blog Hog I Guess There is Such A Thing in School As

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"late arrival status"

Sounds a lot like Adult Spousal Status to me but anyway,  the HousesHitter (YSS stb 18) got another referral stating:

"HousesHitter is on the ineligible list for the first interim period and has lost his late arrival until his grades are back up to passing.

Date/Time Parent was Contacted: 10/20/2020

Comments: Once all of his classes are back at passing (65%) he can regain his late arrival status."

What on God's Green Earth is "late arrival status??!!  I know he has a tendency to either come into remote or in person classes an hour late or more pretty much every day...


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You weren't allowed to come in late or leave early when you were a senior? I think I went to school for about 2 hours a day. 

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  I was on the cusp of EA r n i n g 21 credits in 3 years

There was no such thing as coming in late or leaving early privileges but then again that was back in 1977

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I graduated in 83. I had all my credits except for a couple, so I only went in a few hours to take the classes I needed.  My siblings all did the same in the late 70s. Must have been your school district. 

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Three shifts of kids.  Our graduating class was 730, the smallest of the classes compared to the juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

There is no way they would have ever been able to track kids leaving early and coming to school late.  The only kids that did that were those kids who skipped illegally.

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 I assume they took attendance in class and so they knew if you were in class or not. I can't remember, really. But I do remember not having to come in on time, or stay until the end of the day. 

I belive most schools around here have the flexibility now, for seniors.

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I graduated in 83 also... our schools (dodd school over seas).. did not have any flexibility... I think we did one senior "skip day".. but otherwise.. you were expected to be in your classes..on time.

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I've never heard it called this, but here we have privileges like off campus lunch and seniors are allowed to arrive at campus when they have their first class and leave after their last one. I only had two classes both semesters of my senior year of high school so I went to take college classes the rest of the time.

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I was allowed late arrival or early dismissal at school when I was a senior. If you had a study hall first or last period we could come in late or leave early. Depending on your grades. 

I never had a study hall last period only first. I hated that lol.. wanted to get out early instead of going in late. 

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Abysmal grades and has had a horrid grades since kindergarten he always failed every class

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He should NEVER have had such privilege in the FIRST place as he is always skippung, truant and grades never rise over F's. 

I'm astonished the school would assign him such a privilege; but then again I'm not.  The Girhippo must have done sone theatre to get him this "benefit" in the first place.

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No idea what this is, but I do know that YSD complains that people arrive and leave the online classes late/early with no ramifincations.  It's kind of mind-blowing.

We never had this in high school.  What me and a couple other A students had was some teachers that let us skip study hall after lunch and we used to extend our lunch to off-campus (not allowed but they looked the other way) or hung out in the halls/outside.

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Alot of the Seniors at DD's school took packed schedules freshman - Junior years to get all the AP classes and college credit classes they could.  By the time Senior year rolled around they were left with just the elective classes or more classes that wouldn't help/hinder them in college applications etc.  So they could opt to come in late and leave early and not take up space in classes they didn't want.   DD did not do this..she just took more AP classes..

However, if you didn't pass the required classes and/or were failing that would be revoked and study hall it is with the intervention specialists to "help" you get back on track.

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The housesHitter was never on track.

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I guess it's been like 7 years since I graduated now... BUT  there was no such thing as "late arrival status" we did have an open campus, so in theory I could walk away on a whim...  BUt the heck???