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How Many Times

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can you show up unprepared for PE/Gym?  The houseshitter, stb 17 has shown up SIX times in a row in a month of school unprepared.

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It IS possible to fail Gym!!


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He probably "forgot" his gym uniform.  If you don't care, and you know the Girhippo will take care of it for you, why bother bringing a uniform?  That might result in having to engage in physical activity!

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My guess would be he isn't showing up with his correct PE uniform.... he might be there but is "unprepared" to participate. 

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One of my SK failed every class sixth grade offered him, all but one semester of one class in the seventh grade were failed, three weeks into eigth grade....failing every class.

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If he showed up with his gym prepared they would make him do physical activity *gasp*!  I'm pretty sure that would be awful!  I'm surprised he doesn't have "sports induced asthma" like my SD to get out of anything she doesn't want to do physically.