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HousesHitter Gets His School Schedule

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He is a senior this year.  Earlier this year, the Gir yanked him out of school a good two weeks before Covid officially closed the schools.   Absolutely ZERO school work was done from that day on as the warning letters advised. (Not that any school work was done when school WAS in session)

This year he has a hybrid schedule.  Remote lessons will be Monday-Wednesday, In class lessons will be Thursday and Friday.

In other words there will be ZERO schoolwork done M-W and on T and F, the HousesHitter will roll in late as usual,  then skip most of his classes to do drugs. 

Wonder what the drop out rate will be this year?


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He might just graduate due to Covid. Seems like the schools don't want to grade too hard in 2020 in case the snowflakes get their feelings hurt.

SD graduated but probably would not have if it wasn't for Covid. SS13 and SS11 did not finish 6th and 7th grade but that's ok, we don't want to hurt their feelings so they can start 7th and 8th next week.

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My two SSs are just entering HS this year. Last year, they did nothing from the time schools went remote until the close of school. They both told me they "didn't need to do any work" because it was "all review". Um, both are well below grade level, so surely would have benefited from reviewing the material. Also, I don't think it was all review. 

School is all remote to start, so I doubt there will be any learning going on in their home, either. The only time either kid did homework with any regularlity - from 3rd grade until now - was when DH would call them and work on homework with them over the phone (and then BM would complain that DH was "disrupting her time!"). Instead of doing homework, BM would just try to convince the teachers that both SSs have IEPs (how she managed that, I'm not sure), so they shouldn't be required to do homework. 

I work in education and BM once emailed me to ask how she could "motivate" overly dramatic SS to learn. I ignored her, because a) at that point, she had already screamed to DH's family that I wanted to move next to her so DH could stop paying CS; and b) parents don't "motivate" their children to learn, they require it and since BM is not willing to set requirements, she will never actually "motivate" her child to learn. 

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Gir went doctor shopping and got the Animal Torturer and HousesHitter IEPs. The HouseShitter reads at a low 4th grade level.


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read Charlotte's Web together since that is about the level she reads at...

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I didn't have my glasses on and read it House Hitler. It's actually second time I read it like that. Ugh LOL

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I know for us, last year the final quarter wasn't counted against anyone. You could do zero work and it would just be not counted. However, if you improved your grade it could boost you. 

This year we are starting 100% online and we are being told that the kids will be held accountable. That we were in crisis mode at the end of the year but this year we have a "plan" and grades will be issued. I don't know how true that all is and how they will fail kids but they might. I would hope they would at least get an incomplete and have to retake the class. Who knows though... all this new normal is exhausting.