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COWBIRDS!! The Similarities are ASTOUNDING!!

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There have been several blogs of late where STEPMOM is doing all the parenting and the bio parents are slacking completely.    The cowbird finds OTHER species of birds to raise her offspring FOR her and then flitters off.  Sounds like a lot of GUBMs and bioDADS on here recently!



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Hmm. I think I will refer to BM as cowbird from here on. She does have a very bird like face so its fitting in more than one way.

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we do have cowbirds in my neck of the woods (literally)

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If this is not the best terminology I've read all day Dance 4


The Cowbird is North America’s most common “brood parasite.” A female cowbird makes no nest of her own, but instead lays her eggs in the nests of other bird species, who then raise the young cowbirds.

^^^^^^^^^^Yeah sounds about right in regard to some of these BM that I read about on this board.

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After reading the article on Cowbirds I can't stop laughing.  Sadly this is true!  This is the exact thought process of the GUBM, wow!  I kind of want to start shooting cowbirds.....

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“It (the cowbird) monitors the nests of the hosts in which it laid eggs, and destroys the nest of the hosts that have rejected the cowbird egg,” Hauber says. “We call it retaliation, or the mafia strategy.”

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"The cowbird has even evolved a way to fight against competition in the nest, if the robin decides to raise it. It hatches earlier than the other eggs, it’s bigger, and it cries louder for food."

And this sounds like the child chasing Disney Dad: 

"The cowbird baby leaves the nest before the baby robins, and the nest DAD follows it, giving it food as it explores the forest. And eventually, the baby robins in the nest starve to death."

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Because they GAVE BIRTH and its SPESHAL. LOL. Well my nest is waaaaaay better than Toxic Trolls garbage-filed grunged out tiny apartment.

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Ton of men i am reading on here delegate all their parenting to girlfriends. They don’t even bother to marry a woman and she already does all parenting for him. Some girlfriends don’t even live together and they still cook, clean babysit and financially support everyone. And they still think a man is a catch. Duckmatized I guess. I don’t know else to explain this phenomenon .

And the worst stories are the ones where neither parents do any parenting. BM and dad both delegate to whoever is willing to pick up a slack: family members or dads girlfriend or moms boyfriend etc.