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Anyone else?

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Anyone else have a skid life that you could literally write pages here I mean between the skids and the BM not a day goes by without some kind of drama filled shit storm.


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Not everyday because they live with BM during the week, but every weekend, YES! And to be honest a lot during the week too because teachers have given up contacting BM and they contact me. Blah

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Yup, almost every single day. It was calm for a while but I'm afraid that is slowly fading.
The sad thing is, most of it is from BM2 and she hardly ever sees her kids. She's a very unstable person.

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Not as much as it was in the beginning. Now that DH knows there is no need to talk to BM 4 times an effing day it's pretty quiet. She pisses the SS's and DH off to no end but I told them I'm sick of hearing about it every time they are at our house.

The upcoming storm is the SF and SS17 arguing. They are getting more frequent. We will see how this plays out.