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Said no for the first time

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And it felt good. SS12 has been an extra lying,mean jerk lately. Even DH is really tired of him.

Yesterday he had to stay after school due to not turning in homework. DH asked if I could pick him up. I said no for the first time and SS12 had a consequence. DH did not leave work to get him but made him walk home.

SS called me twice during the walk but I did not answer. Easy 2 mile walk on sidewalks. SS never does anything that requires effort.

Finally DH has had enough

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Back story: SS12 is/was the middle child. BM still cuddles OSS18 on her lap and baby talks him. She is alllllllllllll about OSS. YSS 10 is and total attention hog. Always dancing, singing, asking questions, and NEVER shuts up. So BM gives YSS lots of praise and such. She recently spent $400 on a gift for YSS(which we sent back) and then sent MSS a box of Axe stuff from grand total of $9.44. BM blows MSS off a lot. YSS will be on the phone with BM for 2 hours, MSS maybe 10 minutes. So for sure MSS is screwed up.

Skids and sex

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Informal poll: do you go braless at home around skids? Do you take care that skids don't hear you having sex?

Does skids' age and sex make a difference in your choice?

I go braless all the time at home and could careless if the skids hear us having sex. The oldest walked in on us once then went running out of the house screaming at the top of his lungs 'they're naked! They're having SEX!' He went all up and down the street until the old man on the corner got mad and yelled at him.

Totally my issue

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I know this is my problem. SS12 has a habit of SOBBING to get attention. Friday he called DH sobbing after 10 minutes of football practice. Why? They made him run. He has never ran so far as I know. He has always gotten out of PE by crying. And he is at least 45lbs overweight. We took him to the gym for a while but he just cried about how hard it was after doing the recumbent bike for 10 minutes.

And here goes today

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SS12 just finished screaming, slamming doors, threatening everyone, and sobbing. Why? Because the other kids finished the milk and there is no more until I go to the store. I will go when I please. You know why? Because I bought 4 gallons on Friday at 2pm and now ALL are gone. Mostly due to SS12 who will have 10,000 bowls of cereal a day.

And this is my life

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Saturday morning BM called me. She has never contacted me before. The oldest had my number in his cell when he moved there so I assume that's how she got it.

She called at 8:20. VM at 8:23 yep, 3 mins long. Then she started texting. Then she started with DH. By 9:10 he had over 24 texts and 10 VMs and I had 15 VMs and 20 something texts. It kept up ALL morning.

Welcome Home!!!

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After a weeks delay due to blah blah blah from BM the skids will be back Saturday. However. According to BM SS12 wants to live with her. Now SS12 is especially defiant and causes lots of issues. He flunks school a lot, causes problems between DH and BM and DH and me and generally makes life hard.

Please Help!

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It may take several people but I really need some help.

Everyone, DH, bios, skids, BM, inlaws, parents, think I can pull money out of my ass. I am not sure where this rumor got started but I have tried and tried and can't find ANY! Am I doing it wrong? Could someone use a flashlight? Was I suppose to plant a tree when we moved? I just don't know! HELP!