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Even the garbage guys said they stunk to high heaven

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Just dumped the skids' mattresses and pillows. yuck!


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Pretty bad when the trash guys "stand up and notice" stinky garbage!!! I can't imagine how horrid it was for the Girhippo's landlord when she moved out of a trailer after StepDaddy BigBucks bought her a house.

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p.s. I actually bonfired most of the skids crap. It felt good actually!! If you live in a non-burning area, it's worth it to get the permit Biggrin

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I live in the country. I have burned many a stupid thing SS has 'made' for DSO while having a drink.

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Oh man! Share Share!! YSS (aka the houseshitter) sent a "christmas gift" at age 8. I think an 8 MONTH old must have made it. It was a tongue depressor with misshapen eyes drawn on with a sharpie. Supposedly a "book mark." Wow did that thing go up like the kindling it was.

Oh and the collection of "Holier than Thou" (TM) greeting cards. For a while, the skids would send these cards with massive religious overtones--basically the gist of which was "I know you're a sinner but Jesus and I forgive you." :barf: Those things generated a conflagration that only Beelzebub and his minions could have brought up from the bowels of Hell.