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And here goes today

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SS12 just finished screaming, slamming doors, threatening everyone, and sobbing. Why? Because the other kids finished the milk and there is no more until I go to the store. I will go when I please. You know why? Because I bought 4 gallons on Friday at 2pm and now ALL are gone. Mostly due to SS12 who will have 10,000 bowls of cereal a day.


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Yes, in his room. Not much of a punishment with the TV, Xbox, etc. He likes just laying around playing video games all day.

Yes, chief there is. He just hurts so much from BM. She pores all her attention into OSS and YSS is an attention hog so SS12 just waits around for her/someone to notice him and love him. And it never happened so now he is very difficult to even like. Which just makes it all worse. Sigh.

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"That's a pretty reasonable reaction" -Stewie Griffin

(to Cleveland when he tears up the house and overturns the sofa)

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Yep - I used to bust my hump making sure we always had milk, bread and bananas. Then SS17 decided that he would ONLY eat bananas for every meal. I got tired of hearing the other skids complain about no bananas, turned to DH and told him I was no longer playing this game.

Now if we run out of stuff, I don't give a shit. It's up to DH to take care of that kind of stuff. Meanwhile, I have whatever I would like to eat in my little refrigerator in my walk-in closet Smile

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If he's 12 and there is a convenience store nearby I would send him out to get some more milk himself. A 12 year old should be able to go and buy some milk from the local store.

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Me neither - if I bought PopTarts, SS17 would eat all of them in one sitting. I bought a dozen bagels, from the deli, on Saturday morning and by Sunday morning, they were all gone.

I won't buy sugar cereal, poptarts, toaster strudels, eggo waffles, none of that crap.

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are we living in the same house? I hadn't thought about taking them to work, but I will now!!

I went to the store yesterday. Bought three bunches of bananas - probably 20 or so bananas. I got home from said store at 6pm. When I woke up this morning, at 5:30 there was ONE bunch left.

I buy all kinds of fruits and vegetables because I eat as clean as possible. Skids are not much of fruit eaters, except for SS17 and the damn bananas.

Like you, jasper, no one tells me when we run out and I say, okay then Smile

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we go through 5 or 6 gallons a week. and it's 95% dh and i!!!!!!

just out of curiosity, why are you having to listen to him carrying on? are you a sahm, or work from home? if so, i'd record his ass and forward it to dh with an explanation that this was the result of running out of milk. then i'd let it go for dh to handle - if dh wants to stop at the store on his way home, fine. if not, well then, no milk.

if dh gets on your case for not fixing the problem, i'd remind him that "i just bought FOUR gallons less than 36 hours ago. that should have been plenty for the entire week, but u want more milk in the house, feel free to stop and get some."

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SAHM I refuse to play into it by going out and asking him what's wrong etc. I went out asked the first kid I saw what was up, got an explanation, and said, well it sucks to be him.

Milk here is $1.89 a gallon so it is less the money and more the fact that it doesn't matter how much I buy SS12 will consider it his private stash. I have a grown ups only fridge in the garage--which is a locked fortress.

If I sent him anywhere with any amount of money he would spend it on himself and never bring back any milk.

I texted DH and let him know what was going on. He is much better about dealing out consequences for that kind of crap.

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I'm in MO and can get milk for about $3.50 a gallon.. eggs are close to $2.50 a dozen now.

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We RARELY drink milk but do like half and half in our coffee. Or black coffee. As far as cheese goes, I have a taste for the imported cheeses. Which are astronomical. New York!

I do buy buttermilk for baking, however.

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Have you tried dried buttermilk? Supposedly it is 'real' and the liquid is chemical treated to make it buttermilk. I keep the powder in the fridge and it lasts forever and works great for baking

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I, too will have a massive screaming hissy fit right here in my office over the fact that I don't have a Mazda Miata.

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You know you don't need to buy buttermilk, right? Just squeeze some fresh lemon juice into regular milk and it's a fine substitute. I haven't bought buttermilk in years and I bake a lot.

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I'm going through something similar. Went to BJs Thursday. One bag of cinnamon toast crunch gone, along with 1 box of corn pops. 24 yogurts demolished. 9 fruit cups gone. Yea oatmeal is going to be the new idea I introduce.

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What I refuse to buy any longer:
Ice cream, vinegar potato chips, limonata (lemon soda), Nutella, waffle ice cream cones, milk chocolate, breakfast sausage, sometimes just bread, Cheetos, most sweets. These are a few of those things that disappear too quickly and are too expensive. Or SD9 suddenly stopped eating because she overloaded on it.

SD11 poured herself a big glass (pint size) of my mineral water. Took two sips and was done. I was like, "What are you doing?" SD11, "I just wanted to feel it on my hand." Jeezus. Me, "No. Don't ever do that again, it's expensive and a waste." Seems like I am saying that ALOT lately. "Don't slam your door, you break it and it's not cheap to replace." DP, "Why are you throwing away 1/4 bag of Rice Crispies? They are perfectly good and expensive to buy." Maybe, just maybe if she actually got an allowance for this thing called chores she might learn the value of money and how to save for things she wants. But no, that's too hard. "She's just a kid."

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I keep almond milk for back up emergency, it lasts so much longer than milk too.