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Stepsibs feeding of each other

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It never ceases to amaze me. Is it me? Do these kids today talk so disgusting. If anyone, has more than 1 step...You know what I'm talking about. They all feed off each other. Their mouths are garbage. The peverted crap talk...It is sick. Anyway, I got into a fight with my youngest. I told her I wanted her to stay in the other room with me. I didn't want her listening to that crap. My stepdaughter came over for her birthday, I knew how it was going to be..Sure enough, don't they feed off each other. The inappropriate behavior is amazing to me. Yeah, I know the mom, just has no heavy boundries with these kids. I can tell, she is trying to be their friend and she didn't do them any favors. They just don't get, the rules here are the rules here. I'm just sick and tired of listening to trash mouth when she comes. Then she gets upset I won't let her come here..I wonder why? Anything to share on this?


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My stepson is only 10 and thank goodness doesn't have a potty mouth yet. Yeah, he has the normal boy "poop" and "snot" talk but I can deal with that. He doesn't have any older siblings so he doesn't hear a whole lot of garbage.

I do have to remind my husband to watch what he says sometimes because I can just see my stepson saving those "new" words he learned to use at school. I generally don't use foul language. Every once in a bad PMS moment I lose it but generally I am "G" rated. I am pretty sure that my stepson's mom has used some choice words in front of my stepson, when talking about me or my husband .